From ten years of stock market to a year of rapid changes in the webmaster

imperceptibly, has been operating for a year the whole website today to summarize a text hereby to get loss.


reading has been on HTML has a very strong interest, but never in-depth study, the University for four years I have put all the focus on the stock market, after graduating from life and work around the stock around ten years time so fleeting, now I finally understand the reality, know what they are in any case beyond the stock market, so the stock market give up firmly. I just found out that the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the Topview data, a considerable value, because the Topview data of genuine need 20 thousand annual cost, ordinary investors can hardly afford, you had the foresight has opened free to query Topview data website, so I immediately imitate they set my first website: "rabbit Ma Wo"

I’m not what technology, but my ability to imitate the strong, do rabbit Ma Wo I spent only a week’s time, the content of the website is to provide Topview data screenshot free inquiry, then I went to the stock forum full publicity, also bought the automatic posting tool, 24 hours non-stop propaganda, even once also crazy spam. I am very crazy promotion at that time, thanks to the content of the website can keep visitors, my site traffic from the initial 1000 in half a year was the highest up to 17000IP, hundreds of thousands of PV, all rely on hard to promote the. Later, I made a big mistake, is a large collection of articles, want to get traffic from search engines, so that customers come back even stronger, afterharvesting, Baidu included tens of thousands of articles, the daily flow to 7000IP. Later, Baidu suddenly drop power, traffic plummeted, confidence immediately suffered a strong destruction, the majority of the webmaster Baidu love hate plus reason.

at the time of the monthly income is mainly two aspects, one is Google Adsense, the other is advertising monthly, monthly stock website advertisement at that time the price is very high, I stood at the time of an ad sold 5000 monthly price, the other two larger than the same kind of station traffic I even sold the price of 10 thousand and 2 per month, plus Google, the monthly income of 10 thousand yuan, do stand for half a year, to have this income has been very satisfied.

but good times don’t last long several things happened later, so I immediately gave up forward, just stay in the stagnant state, one thing is my wife is pregnant abortion, I suspect the retribution, why? Because the stock subscription in the advertisement, I understand that buying advertising is actually a liar, I was helping the crepe as, when I realize it, I immediately lost power. Soon my website has been hacked, was first linked to the Trojan, the last time was even ZhengZhan delete procedures, or even leave a connection to the competition site in the above, after this, the website traffic dropped rapidly, I >

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