After reading the 10000 bad review as the operation of carding and ntrospection


online products, I believe the best way to feed back information is to look at the comments on the internet.


for the loss of the user needs to consider the recall of research, the research methods including questionnaire survey, interviews and so on; and for online products, I believe that the information feedback channel the best user online comments.

then I expect to see those in the app store when users say in the end are poor in what was said: I chose the software store recommended popular APP, ignore those possible single brush praise, went straight to the poor column.

APP read hundreds of thousands of poor, to exclude those full of hostility "trash" and "no reason, is to uninstall" speech, my impression is that most users write bad but is most likely to be recalled, because they were in serious and platform communication, they need to platform, and there is a clear expectation on the platform.

Ten categories of

differential evaluation

I sort out and summarize these reviews roughly and divide them into 10 categories:

NO.1 function defect problem

this is one of the most frequently occurring problems in the worst reviews of all products, such as

cannot open

load too slow or load failed.

cannot register

cannot login to

repeatedly updates

cannot be used in

WIFI status


after upgrade

offline function is out of order

login verification is too complicated

needs to log in to

after each operation


charge flow

appears flash back

appears automatically start

appears, the downloaded content disappears,

appears a core function failure

cannot operate

and so on.

NO.2 function deletion problem

There are three general cases of


PC end product transformation to do mobile terminal, PC side, some features, mobile end, lack of users are not accustomed to;

competitors have some features, but the product has been unloaded


user himself expects the basic functionality that the product should have, but not after the actual product is launched.

The problem of the value of the

NO.3 product itself

this question is one of many products

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