Foreign public raising website hands on experience why can be legally recognized

speaks about some of the rules raised abroad, and why all foreign chips get legitimate recognition, better development.

core view:

, the 1 class congregation to raise equity will develop, because the point is directly Small and micro businesses financing demand, along with the improvement of domestic regulatory environment, the congregation raised platform will have the opportunity to become a small exchange, similar to the new board in china.

2, foreign Kickstarter main novelty hardware pre-sale, such chips will become a small circle of people’s interests. Angelist is a equity financing platform.

3, the JOBS act to promote the public to raise the platform development, the bill is due to the launch of free Small and micro businesses, financing ways of expanding small and micro enterprises at the beginning. At present, China is also facing such a situation, the general trend of financial reform has arrived. Next, the regulatory environment will embrace the innovation of Internet banking and promote its development.

, the United States has Kickstarter and Indiegogo and other well-known congregation to raise the site, which, Kickstarter screening and service rules on the project more stringent, coupled with its main hardware class all raised, the project success rate higher. In 2012, Kickstarter’s total financing program was $320 million, with a total investment of 2 million 200 thousand. On this platform, 44% of the projects have been successfully raised funds. And Indiegogo is global, accepting more creative projects.

today, to explain China Xun Kickstarter. What made Kickstarter famous overnight was a project called the Pepple watch, with a fund-raising amount of $about 10000000. Kickstarter started with cultural, artistic, and technological creativity, and that was also its core competency. On its platform, these industries have high probability of successful pre-sale project financing.

for all chips platform, the screening of the project is particularly important, to ensure that the authenticity of the project, executable, the project team’s operational capabilities, as well as the character of the project leader. In fact, this investment project did not look like what two, need piercing eye.

in all foreign chips platform, the platform will assess the project’s valuation, information disclosure, financing and so on, only through the review of the project can begin financing.

and, Kickstarter stipulates that the project needs to raise the pre-set funds within a certain period of time, and if not, a penny will not be paid. This is a practice, also do the automatic screening function, people’s eyes are sharp, that do not have reliable mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore. This process will also test the operational capacity of the project side.

how to ensure that investors’ funds will not be abused by the project, the public platform is also being explored. Current >

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