LZCMS talking about website construction and operation through Luo Yufeng event

As we all know,

network reds, shocking Luo Yufeng, ignoring this thing is good or bad, Luo Yufeng people is indeed a return, let people know the Internet will have a China Yufeng, below I combined with some matters about the event website construction.

1. Innovation strives for survival.

Luo Yufeng incident, I personally think that is not accidental, definitely is a human factors speculation, is a well designed lightning incident. Because people are well-designed, so in a lot of words, but also some innovation, or else is a simple marriage, this effect is definitely not achieved. Luo Yufeng is online the red half of the sky, a television broadcast, the earth people know there is a Chinese fengjie.

no matter from the text or video interview, there are a lot of people ‘words, though shocking is funny, but people use the language is very unique. These linguistic innovations have also created a generation of reds. We as small and medium-sized website, if you can always seize the innovation of the website, even if it is a little bit of innovation, I believe that your website can do great things.

two. Why don’t all major websites let go of this ray of events,


why do not all major sites pass this event, we all think, such a ray of people’s events, your web site does not report, and other people’s Web site to report, your users may be lost. If you can dig up more information on your site, your website will burn more. Large and small websites, in the first time to update, whether it is video or text. Just want to increase the amount of traffic.

so, we as a small grassroots, usually must have the habit of browsing some news websites, have more time to look at the forum, sometimes some obscure posts, if you can dig deep, you give the website reproduced, may bring unexpected traffic to you. Don’t worry about your website a day. A website can’t report related topics at the first time. Your user base will not last long.

three. Marketing events, website promotion,

Luo Yufeng can be famous, it is a good use of the media media, major mainstream portals. Without human factors, there could be no such fire. I remember the last time on the network, calling you home, should not artificially hype, is not possible to fire, then also make people as exposure factors. The Luo Yufeng incident, now in my own opinion, must be a human element in it, and in some cases the truth of the event will emerge.

if your website can help you with these mainstream media reports, your website will certainly be able to fire a handful. Mainstream media is not a fool, you do not have any point of a site, it is impossible for you free advertising. In a word, the portal also like new events, so we as a webmaster, usually should also be good at discovering some events, not forward a few days on a web site

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