How to absorb users first to create profit model

, the current rise of buy and micro-blog quickly seize the market, from the once popular SNS social networking sites and B2C mall snatched a large number of users, the form worried. So, today, Red soldiers talk about these two Internet "new products", "buy" and "micro-blog" how to look at the profit model from the user?.


founder of the site since the purchase of Groupon two years set a new Internet miracle, has now reached value of $1 billion worth of domestic buy site barbaric growth, crazy copy. To the United States delegation, Groupon, handle, rice group headed by the domestic group purchase website in blood blade war. Group treasure this year’s advertising domain name has reached 550 million, glutinous rice and handle also 200 million budget.

At present the domestic group purchase website

crazy staking, advertising war crazy, a lot of group purchase website currently is a loss, but also why such costly investment. It’s also attracting a lot of VC investment. Will these business tycoons who are smarter than the monkeys know that the buying industry is facing a reshuffle, and that it may end up with less than 5%


can be said to a group purchase merchandise gross profit is not high, and together is not enough profit to pay the huge advertising costs, they do not value the Commission money, but the value of group purchase group purchase mode characteristics of the industry, group purchase mode is through low-cost means of local service providers and docking local consumers, and so cheap mode can absorb the huge popularity and ensure user stickiness. Plainly speaking, consumer groups. What are the characteristics of the group buying industry? Cash flow is abundant, the current large group buying website can collect enough cash flow. The cash comes from the advance payment of the group buying, and the group buying website has an account period for the payment. So enough cash flows can be collected during this period. Then you should know why buy website is so crazy? – build low-cost buy brand – circle users


finished, buy the next, and now more fiery – micro-blog. Tencent, Sina, Sohu, three also do not need to think, advertising campaign inevitable. Celebrity effect – by inviting large numbers of movie stars to gather popularity. Traditional media and online advertising. No big deal. At present, Sina and Tencent, micro-blog’s user base has reached 100 million, a few days ago, sina CEO Cao Guowei also said that sina, micro-blog is not anxious to profit, but will try more profit model. What’s burning so much money now? – of course, the users.

so what do we see? Whether it’s buying or micro-blog. Even to Baidu, Taobao, QQ, they are service users, build a platform to meet user needs. Absorbed enough users, and then create profit model. As long as there is traffic, users, their own people will create his profit model. I remember I said a word, to serve more people, in order to earn more

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