How can local communities prevent malicious registration

In fact,

recently left his Zhiming has been studying local community operations, recently in the area of the portal site inside the community. In such a process I found a lot of phenomenon, also learned a lot of experience, such as the local community how to prevent other malicious registration, and the local community to organize activities, we must say that today is one of the local community to prevent malicious registration. If you want to know, just come with me.

I’ve seen a lot of local community forums registered with different authentication methods, specifically in the following ways:

1. opens manual audits in some places. In fact, this may not be a good way, but this will verify the increase of the forum operation and maintenance personnel workload. At the same time reduce the popularity and registration website, how to say sometimes we can not timely to registered users of the audit will lead to the loss of these members, I think this is done on the forum, people should have a better understanding.

2. there are some regional community forum open mobile phone verification love registration effect, this can be very effective to reduce the malicious registration, I also agree with this way, but the disadvantage of this approach is that some people are afraid of mobile phone information will be leaked, spam trouble for example I would think so, so we must fill in the registration place notes on the mobile phone number of mobile phone forum, member information confidential. This will improve the volume of registration and enhance the credibility of the forum.

In addition to

3. people love open invitation registration or email activation registration, registration open invitation I think this way greatly reduced the popularity of the forum, because it is invited to register must have your forum inside who can obtain an invitation code, this greatly limits the registered users of the forum. A forum to operate without good enough popularity is not enough, I think this is our webmaster do more clearly, to invite mail registration is actually pretty good, but can not fundamentally solve the malicious registration, but also can filter out part of the people.

buy 4. invitation code registration, in fact this how to say? If you set the purchase price is too high and no one will due to a forum and so much trouble to buy an invitation code, but really want to the forum people are not afraid of trouble to buy invitation code, personal recommendations can be set around 1-10 block the purchase price, this is also quite good but the popular forum will be affected to some extent.

5. IP address registration, in fact, this way how to say? For foreign people to prevent malicious registration is very good, but for local but cannot prevent, but also for the popularity of the forum is also influential, because of restrictions on foreign registered users.

These are also some of the more effective ways to prevent malicious registration in the current regional forums, so which one is more effective


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