The night dream cold the new owners should also be respected

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station owners, although there are many years of practice now fame and fortune of the old owners, more is still in the beginning or veteran marketer of new webmaster. The new owners are often due to lack of experience with website, very difficult to make progress. At this time, the new owners also need help often encounter the old webmaster ridicule and shame, and even the use of. As a new line of entry into the new station, this kind of taste naturally has not tasted less. New Adsense urgently want to know the old webmaster, eager to get some experience and experience from the old webmaster. But, under normal circumstances, the old webmaster, especially the extraordinary achievements, income of the old webmaster, to new webmaster that is dismissive, not to mention any respect.

webmaster are very busy, usually no what communication, if say exchange, is to change friendship links. New sites exchange links, naturally will be a lot of difficulties, because there is no PR value, it was reasonable to be refused. If the new webmaster wants to find the link above PR2, he must be ready to be laughed at.

my station looks like a dream, female net at present the PR value is 3, included is also good, since in the BBS post, exchange links, often someone plus me. I naturally very happy, but, sincerely change friends chain of many, big flicker also quite a lot. One day I found a webmaster link, I took a look at his website, PR3, with me the same inclusion and ranking is almost the same, I am very happy, is ready to do his links to the other party has put forward his page links to my home, my home page link to one of his pages, I checked and found his page is PR0, and not included, of course is not intended, the other said, this is called cross link, the effect is very good. I didn’t say anything, I thought. Well, it’s for you, right? I’m not sure about it. I’m not smart, but I don’t want to make people think cheap. People who love to cheat are usually not overestimating themselves, underestimating others and not being good partners.

one day, and encountered a large female station of the webmaster to find my exchange links, this female station I like very much, or even often visit, in the heart of this station is simply worship. For the link I find him, I certainly wish for. Who knows he had put the inside pages with PR0 and my home exchange, said: I also boast without shame the front page of the PR value is 6, the flow of tens of thousands of IP, the inside pages of the natural difference is also not to go there. Change with you, you don’t suffer. I have a heart felt not the taste, I thought your station is not bad, don’t I stand where to go bad? So I put this: that you use the PR6 page links to my PR3 home page, I used the PR3 home page chain you PR0, this is fair, the PR value difference is 3 who do not suffer. The other is not promised, even back to the sentence: "what do you think of my home chain you home right?" the tone of contempt is really hard to digest. It seems that only his own future station and the others stand is intense darkness without light. I said, "then change the inside page to the same page. It’s PR0. It’s fair."." The other party has gone no further

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