Depth analysis what websites are suitable for you in 2010

this year, the Internet is still full of the smell that our stationmaster doesn’t want to smell. The ancients cloud, forbearance calm. We endure again and again, but we only see the storm more and more fierce, and did not see a little rain after the rainbow signs. Today I will briefly discuss with you what websites will be suitable for us in 2010. I am also a rookie, said wrong, please prawns pointing criticism, this article only to achieve the effect of throwing a brick. Article a little longer, no patient who bypass.

mentioned a website, it is someone happy, some people worry, in the final analysis is to earn money, so it is still inseparable from the most old-fashioned, but there is the most realistic topic, make money. Many new people should be able to search before the station, "what website makes money", "what website has future", the relevant content such as this, have found?. Why, exactly what website can do to make money, there is no prospect, below I and everybody analysis and analysis together.

first let’s say, "what did you do for the first time,


1: interest, dream. Many people like the Internet from childhood, have dreams, want to have a place in the Internet industry. Comment: in order to interest and dreams, this success is easier, as there is enough interest and dreams to support, no matter how hard it is, never tired. Persistence is the foundation of doing a successful job and doing the same thing. If you can’t keep it up, then you can’t succeed as much. Because a lot of what you see is successful, you have experienced the same difficulties as you, and the difference is, they insist on coming, and you give up. I admire this kind of people, for the dream, and strive, even if false, or failed in days, but at least they will not regret later.

2: pride, vanity. For a group of people who know little about the Internet, you are the only one who can make money, and they will be praised and admired. Maybe they don’t make money, but they don’t know. Comment: only for pride and vanity, in fact I am not very optimistic, because many owners are aware, now the Internet is very difficult to find a Li Xingping, if there is no money and resources to support, based on the Internet, a difficult word. And this kind of person is also the most difficult to adhere to, the most difficult to succeed in a class.

3: life, demand. Quite simply, you need money, and poor wages can’t meet rising social consumption. You need extra money to recharge your life. Comments: in order to live this kind of person, everyone is carrying a dream, want to use the Internet to make their life improved, get more money, not much said, only warned this kind, for the dream, to struggle. But also to reason, because many of these people, do stop, gave up work, relieved of the station, this is not the best way. The site as a part-time work, I wouldn’t let you out, do things to you. Budget the best and the worst.


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