What kind of website do you want

has done a few years of Web site, although the technical progress is not big, but the understanding of the site has a great understanding, the whole webmaster world also some understanding, and share with you:

type 1: technical stationmaster.

the biggest characteristic of this kind of stationmaster is technology, be good at technology, pursuit technology.

technology is the highest principle to do stand, but what happened at home and abroad of new technologies, such owners must first know the fastest speed, and learn, and then use it in their own stand on the test, the webmaster do stand is absolutely typical of technology, all kinds of the various handy techniques are used in the hands of the owners. Such people do stand is also mostly technology type station, because the energy is limited, in your head all day is filled with a variety of techniques, of course when the station first technical station, the so-called three talk shop, you can come to see the portal. The shortcoming of this kind of webmaster is that it pays too much attention to the application of technology and ignores the purpose of doing station. What is the purpose of doing the station? It is to serve the user, ignore the user’s demand and pursue the technology blindly. It will lead to too. Of course, also won’t consider how to make money, of course, if such AdSense and then focus on promotion, progress is also very fast, hey hey, self motivation,


second: promotion type webmaster

this kind of stationmaster is to popularize elite, hype expert. This station is not only good at SEO, is more sensitive to the hype, news, special catch news, catch the event and the speculation, the general approach is to put a little out of thin air, making that big, big say more, nothing to get some support in the community in a quarrel, play good cop and a cop, is usually the subject of various typical can cause controversy, or get all the stars of the contrast like, stimulate the unsuspecting fans fighting, then stationmaster stands behind Touzhaoyue, flow is joy came up. Making money is no problem.

third categories: cattle type webmaster, such as sky software, Zhang crane,

The biggest characteristic of

is the webmaster such hard work, practical work hard, spotted a target, insist on a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, and always diminished motivation, to pay tribute to such webmaster, repeated day in and day out year after year to do one thing, amazing perseverance. Have to take, the typical station is those formal download station. This is not, Baidu 30 million acquisition of the sky, is true or false,


fourth: garbage station, the station behind innumerable, not what to say to

The so-called

garbage station, is itself not what practical value, all rely on plagiarism, traffic on search, do not underestimate the webmaster, the master earn more money than some of the regular stand to earn more, these people do stand two basic strokes, acquisition + keywords positioning…… Domain name, whatever you want, the space is enough, on the one, but found what keywords ranking up, quickly build a web site, the master can do it one day

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