What is the number of stations rectification network renovation next stage

China Network remediation movement last November to the present, has been going on for months. From the initial shock, surprise, anger, wonder, now has gradually numb, and heard which sites have been closed, no longer had the original surprise, instead of "normal."". Network very hard crackdown, so that many people have nothing to say, but also said, after all, the arm does not bend the thigh, because the face of the national power sector. Although the original intention of this matter is to "purify the network environment and build a harmonious online community", the idea is good, but the practice is not flattering.

network crackdown early, shut down many personal websites, whether or not involved in Huang, whether there are bad information, can not escape the "one size fits all" of the fate of the station off the station, diverted diverted. Now, the personal website was closed it, it is the turn of many large. A famous social networking site 51.com, vertical information website it168.com, blog blog bus has problems involving a yellow thousand nets to stop DNS; then shocked techweb is also stop DNS, the specific reasons still unknown; these days, there are well-known life forum site fence net and local portal in jurisprudence, because the problem is, the domain name hold nets. These big websites have been shut down for some brief hours, and some are still closed today. The losses are very serious, most of which are said to be "yellow"". Of course, no one knows whether this is the real cause or whether the relevant departments want to add guilt. From the closed to the personal website, we do not know the well-known rectification station, network renovation of the next stage might be what


Deng Xiaoping once said, "stability overrides everything", during this period, personal webmaster has a deep understanding of this sentence, and website is the hope of a stable network environment. Like CNNIC’s policy on personal registration of CN domain names, several changes have left many people losing faith in it, and without a sure word, many people are abandoning the CN domain name. In the A5 forum, bbs.admin5.com users discuss the most about when the remediation will last and when the network environment will stabilize. Campaign so far, the majority of Internet users do not see the network environment more clean but more chaotic, coming stormin, everyone is waiting for the final result.

for personal Adsense, in addition to adjusting their website, try not to let the website have a suspicion of edge, and the rest is to watch the market. Some people are optimistic about the current situation and others are pessimistic. Optimistic that the end of the network crackdown, will inevitably usher in a more perfect, more standardized network environment, survival of the fittest, for individual sites, there will be more opportunities. Pessimists believe that the network regulation so that the Internet will become Chinese LAN, personal website to accept supervision, network democracy no longer, and if the policy has not been adjusted is not stable, a lot of people, such as personal webmaster; many international websites, such as Google, will leave the market, Chinese Internet >

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