Where is the way out for the site navigation station

I’ve been working on the website a long time ago and have recently revised it. Put my ideas and share with you.

speaks of Web sites, and many people assume simple imitations are not creative.

, after careful analysis. URL station is a way out, because the site navigation station is still the majority of Internet users preferred home page.

web site included most of this station, station is a must, for quick browsing of ordinary Internet users. But we can also innovate on this basis.

1, the site must be included in most stations, easy to navigate, this is the most fundamental function of web site. Most navigation stations have done this.

2, as ordinary Internet users, to see the region’s Web site, may be more open to look at the desire. I have always believed that there is some truth in classifying some of the web sites by region. Contribute to local promotion

3, if you display local URLs automatically according to the region classification of the visitors, that may give local sites a higher exposure rate. So this is also a bright spot. But the IP database is a bit difficult and needs to be perfected.

4, the core of the website is the web site, the collation of the site is also critical. Must ensure that included web site can be opened properly, in order to play a role. Regular monitoring of URLs is also necessary. For broken chain URL, should be firmly deleted.

5, for ordinary webmaster, if you have a local station, such as property station, it is difficult to own web site in other people’s computer set to home page. For example, the webmaster to an Internet cafe, although they have a web site, it is impossible to set up their own property station into the home page, so it does not meet the requirements of Internet users. However, if the site will be included in the site, set to home or can. Because the station included its website, also can show oneself website first. To promote such websites in this area is to promote your website. Such website station is welcomed by stationmaster, also increased a kind of propaganda way.

6, sorted by region, to avoid sorting by clicking, so that many small stations can not show in the home page of the drawbacks, after all, a small number of webmaster or many. You can order locally by clicking, giving opportunities for more small stations.

7, about the interface, should be clean and generous. Large fonts are also necessary. At present, the display is becoming larger and smaller, and it is difficult for small fonts to fit most people.

8, web site attached to the web site collection, commonly used query is also a good function. This should also be added.

9, according to the above ideas, my web site has been basically completed, welcome to advise: http://s.dyidc.com, if you also have local station, also want you to login address.

10, as the web site, in the original site navigation function premise, fully browse >

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