How to gather small webmaster network contacts

small webmaster and big webmaster has an important difference is, human resources is too little. Don’t underestimate this difference, in fact, the difference is great, as the saying goes, a man of three help, in the network, the webmaster to succeed, thirty percent by ability, seventy percent by contacts, small station can not ignore

the importance of seeing people.

correct site attitude,

is now in the webmaster forum, every day there are many curses. Curse Baidu, scold GOOGLE, scold, scold those who are stronger than yourself, never calm down, and reflect on yourself and learn how others can succeed.

we have very strong building experience but we cannot have an inferiority complex, self abased people love performance is very conceited, thinking that they can hide their inferiority, so always love against others to raise their own.

sees others sharing their experiences, while using experience sharing to promote their websites, but the webmaster himself has no experience to write. So I can’t eat grapes and call grapes sour. Scold scold to curse day society, these without any use, swearing is not only a lack of respect for others, is their lack of respect, one does not know how to respect others and respect their own people, it is difficult to get friends, naturally there is no accumulation of contacts,

, a webmaster who knows how to operate a network, may not even do a website, and after he has a good idea, he can find all kinds of friends to help himself. That’s the strength of connections.

learns to be helpful,

don’t think you’re stupid. Someone is more stupid than you are. Don’t think you’re a beginner. You may be late. Maybe someone else has just learned how to access the internet. From the site to today, I’m also a novice, but still encounter a lot of people to ask, what is domain name, what is the space, how to bind the domain name to space, and so on. So when someone comes to ask a question, please remember, unless it’s not, you can help others, so that others will feel your sincerity.

may contact a few times, he can become your "allies", with the passage of time, and your allies are in progress, such as the day that you need help, you can be a hundred responses to a single call.

in the master circle relatively well-known, Cai Wensheng, figure Wang, etc., rely on what? That is, they continue to help other webmaster!


so please ask the webmaster to remember this sentence: help others is to help yourself,


dares to try and learn

we can’t always stand on our own point of view to judge that we don’t know what we don’t understand, to accept new knowledge and new ideas, and remember that the Internet is full of possibilities.

, for example, webmasters download a lot of tutorials on the Internet, but they are less careful thinking, and seriously try. Even some webmaster, even if you send money to his hand, he will suspect that this money is false, >

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