t was labeled junk and now it’s trading at nearly 1 billion 800 million a year The company wants

Chen Xuefeng is sunburned.

how high is the risk of these three figures? How big is the impact of the $10 billion valuation of today’s headlines? Zhang Yiming’s mind is clear.

today’s headlines continue to soar, or may fall like a parabola, the biggest variable is itself is on the way towards, towards advanced players, the four men do not know whether to conquer. The four men, Tencent Ma Huateng, sh419 Robin Li, micro-blog Cao Guowei and small – Su hua.

Lei Jun once said, "my success, 80%, depends on luck.". Standing on the air, pigs can fly."

slow is not necessarily a bad thing, and fast is not necessarily a good thing. Each company should have its own rhythm, love recycling, this industry is naturally suitable for a little slower. Just think, if love recycling in the Beijing market rampage, is likely to have died long ago. As long as you maintain a strong style, you can make yourself strategically free of mistakes.


from news to short video, from social to entrance, from home to the world…… Zhang Yiming’s ambition is bigger than most people think. But in the current prevailing on the Losers are always in the wrong., if Zhang Yiming is successful, it is the vision and pattern of large, diversified expansion properly; if it fails, it is the ability to keep up with the strategic ambitions, defocus, wrong direction, rhythm disorder.

news Wars: how to surpass Tencent’s expertise and sh419’s technology

followed by insight and understanding of human nature. Many people despise today’s headlines, think today’s headlines is the title of the party, very low. In fact, the headlines today are very consistent with what Amy calls "hot spots, money, sex and violence.". Behind low, profound insight and understanding of the three or four line, five or six line people uncivilized user demand, and strong execution.

‘s statement is clearly too low-key. According to data provided by love recycling, in 2016, love recycling annual turnover of nearly 1 billion 800 million yuan, the highest monthly revenue of more than 200 million yuan, the annual mobile processing capacity of more than 500. At present, love recycling has been established in the domestic 18 first and second tier cities, the line of environmental protection recycling service station nearly 200. In addition, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin and other five cities have set up processing centers, with an average daily handling capacity of more than 10 thousand units.

at the beginning of June this summer, love recycling founder and CEO took the top management team walked to the Kubuqi Desert of Inner Mongolia. Three days, 102 kilometers. "Walking in the desert, walking a step, half a step, very difficult."." Chen Xuefeng recalls. But the team insisted on 16.

text / earth demon


actually put the sentence in Zhang Yiming’s body, is also applicable. Today’s headlines of fortune, very similar to the millet phone:

of course, under the spirit is full of challenges, it also directly from the three figures, one is from sh419 earnings data to see the latest headlines today, the old rival sh419 mobile phone, the flow of information on the work has reached 83 million; two is another old rival micro-blog’s technology about video product matrix live on more than 70 million; third is a small hand, living in the day at the end of last year has reached 40 million.

is booming, and today’s headlines are almost the hottest company in the Internet industry. Hot most intuitive reflected in the two figures, the establishment was only about five years, the product daily living as high as 70 million or so, valued at about $11 billion.

of course, such achievements can not escape the eyes of capital. Last December, love recycling completed 400 million yuan of D round of financing, by Kai Hui fund and fortune venture joint lead investor, sky map capital, Jingdong group, Morningside capital investment, Qianhai Jing Lin mother fund and other old and new shareholders to participate with the cast, the sky map capital once again with excess investment. Chen Xuefeng plan, this will be the last financing of love recycling before listing, IPO plan is advancing.

is the first to take advantage of the mobile Internet bonus. Today’s headlines was founded in 2012, the time was when the mobile Internet fast, a lot of Chinese three or four lines, five or six lines of the group, directly across the PC Internet, mobile Internet users become direct, huge population, has become the foundation of the rapid development of today’s headlines.

‘s hiking experience is similar to the story of love recycling. "It takes time and stamina to recycle the market. The track is long and the space is big, but it’s hard to hit an outcome in a short time."." Chen Xuefeng also broke the money, but it didn’t work. What we love to recycle is simple, covering the recycling and processing of electronic products, mobile phone repair, identification and sale of second hand superior products. But it’s not easy to take control of every link in this hourglass supply chain.

fry cattle, line shop, channel extension…… Recycling has almost stepped on all the pits in the past six years. But now, Chen Xuefeng is still self deprecating, "love recycling" is a less well-known Internet Co."

in this "slow" market, Chen Xuefeng chose to run slowly. The market base for mobile phone recycling is large, but the conversion rate is relatively low. So, from marketing, promotion, for a while, too hard, then hit the money can not come back." Chen Xue >

huge influx of capital and industry heavyweights, still not detonated the entire industry, but this year set off a small climax. Low-key years of idle fish began in the "sub sub tyrants screen", "58 group" around, announced the completion of the A round of independent financing, love recycling in February this year to achieve overall profitability.

Before sharing a bike this year,

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