Taobao Wangzhuan make overThe restructuring of Papi sauce was incorporated into the Angelababy brok

Papi sauce is called 2016 short video field of "first net red", in March 2016, Luo Ji Thinking and real fund and other institutions 12 million yuan investment Papi sauce team. Two months later, Yang Ming and Papi sauce Jiang Yilei with a registered capital of 1 million yuan, set up the Beijing spring thunder Network Technology Co., ltd.. In August 2016, Luo Ji thought out of investment.

according to public information, Yang Chuan Tai Wo culture media Co. Ltd was founded by Yang Ming, Zhao Shan, the artists are Angelababy, Dongyu Zhou and Chen.

2008 make it together,

build a web site master, help my website, why sh419 not included? Depressed ah. Wangzhuan site can also do not understand……

"red" Papi sauce the operation of IP company "the rain, listen to the thunder" recently changed ownership structure, was incorporated into the "Angelababy" and other popular stars of the brokerage company "Tai Yang Chuan wo".

some time ago Taobao crazy send RMB, really TM hand make soft. On New Year’s day, Taobao accounts, and some of them received an email about Taobao’s money. It’s not like eBay vouchers. EBay vouchers. It is to buy a certain amount of things to have access to it. I did not study not good conclusion Taobao. As long as members are there sometimes some specific period of time registration,

opportunities are for those who are prepared. Some time ago a lot of customers to buy a Taobao account that are integral to brush what, uses a lot of their own interest to study website make money slowly, however do account more quickly, usually the same day settlement. I and my classmates on the Internet to buy a registered Taobao account software, the speed of the ah, a few minutes, when the price is good, a 10 Fen, when the shortage of goods, even sell one yuan. When one yuan is sold to Taobao and Alipay after the binding of bribe activities. Because the binding of the Alipay so that two yuan to one hundred yuan can go directly to your account.

can still buy lottery tickets some time ago, my friend is still a little small, sometimes a few tens of a day is considered a reward. Ha ha in the highest income: one day three thousand. Red envelopes received soft, all night also worth, and not much to say, I believe that the new year is a good opportunity. Now, if you have the number, there must be a future. But be careful. The account number was easily blocked in 2008, and my Taobao account was blocked several thousand. My sh419 is the poorest, and there’s none left.

Abstract: the spring thunder, had heard Yang Ming founder Taiyang Chuanhe in, he is a partner in Papi sauce.

according to the business information display, complete the change, "Yang Chuan Tai Wo" through the Xuzhou free network technology Limited formerly Xuzhou spring thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd. to Beijing spring Holdings listen to the thunder Network Technology Co., Ltd., the legal representative for Yang Ming.

Yang Ming founder, has heard the spring sun Chuan Wo two company, and he is also the partner of Papi sauce, commercial trader.

after this change, the original star, Ningbo Zhenge fund shareholders has become the rain listen to thunder Thailand Wo Yang Chuan shareholders, it real fund also to Tencent WeChat public ID:chuangye said: the only thing according to the structural reorganization of the company with the requirements of the law and the change of business, but does not involve any equity transfer and exit.


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