Domestic web League Daquan poker print programFrom dry to calm remember what did for Taobao custom

two. Product users’ attention and media attention should be high. This can be through the sh419 index, and shlf1314 keyword tools for inquiries, brands if there is sh419 index, and can reach hundreds of search volume, basically already have the promotion conditions.

1. To choose reputable businesses, it is best to have Taobao mall. Products should have good mouth beer. Because Taobao’s ultimate goal is to produce consumer behavior. No customer base or reputation base, promotion is difficult, and large brand businesses tend to have a broad mass base, for their own approved brand, users are often more willing to buy.

has been on Taobao’s Web site for two months now. Also slowly have some income, my mood from the beginning of the dry to the present calm: the following is my period of experience, and share with you:

Author: affordable skin care xyhufu/ reprint, please indicate the source.

one. Pay more attention to website, less concerned about income,

    in order to be able to more advertising Union and individual Adsense combination, Adsense network special planning alliance poker program. It plans to roll out 40 thousand boxes of web cards with alliance information signs. Send to all webmaster party owners, and all the domestic Internet, personal website to participate in national or local Party gathering.


A 23456789, 10, J, Q, K  each color 4 pieces 13*4 =52 each alliance only 1 pieces, provides the LOGO sign, the union explanation. Sponsorship fees for $: 1000 yuan. Xiao Wang will present it to the sh419 alliance. The king will give it to shlf1314 adsense .

because this alliance will be credited to the Guinness Admin5 in history, so for more than a year in the league. Poker is first served first.

are planned, more suggestions and precious suggestions welcome

the Alliance Daquan by Zhejiang fishing poker company exquisite printing


admittedly, the ultimate goal of Taobao is to get revenue. But if you focus on income alone, you’ll get farther and farther away from making money. For example, every day I first went to check the income of the mom, see no income of the whole people are very upset. As the saying goes, "impatient to eat hot tofu", when I focus on the site, according to their plan to update the site, people will become a lot of calm. Slowly and with income. Ask yourself what the value of your website is. What can you give the user and how to make your website better? This is critical.

begins with the selection of promotional products:


talk about the construction of Taobao guest website:

site ready for a month, or three months, or a year? This has its own plan. Success will be achieved only if you stick to your plan for a long time. Believe in the rewards, but the amount of return depends on how much you pay.

four. The Commission of the product is high, the Commission is high, the Taobao is the first choice for weight loss products,.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

above is some of my experience, I hope to help you, but also motivate yourself to move forward,

two.. have a long-term plan,

for cosmetics and clothing

Is the

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