The United States next year PO valuation of over 3 billion to invest Ali bes LogisticsEntrepreneur

1, vertical has its unique irreplaceable value. Compared with WeChat, such as Facebook pan social platform, vertical social community is characterized by its advantage lies in the vertical, vertical, that is to say, once you are in an area of interest, so in the field of vertical social community the relationship between the content and platform will bring you far more than WeChat acquisition efficiency.

best logistics created by shlf1314 China former co President Zhou Shaoning in 2007, has been developing rapidly, in China established a warehouse and distribution network. BES logistics operates 400 distribution centers in Chinese, and in the United States, Germany operates three warehouses, a warehouse. This year, the best logistics logistics business will expand to Australia, Japan and Thailand. Best logistics also provides domestic and international express delivery service for online shopping Chinese.

informed sources said that the best logistics headquarters in Hangzhou will be the fastest at the end of January next year to start preparatory work IPO. In the earlier this year to raise $760 million of funds from more than 10 new investors, best logistics valued at more than $3 billion. The company said the best logistics, including the logistics company rookie network of investors and the world bank private sector investment in international financial institutions, Fosun international, Softbank capital, Ali’s China.

is not clear at present best logistics IPO financing scale. Best logistics has not yet comment.

China logistics, which supports China’s rapidly growing electricity supplier industry, has attracted billions of dollars of investment from investors. Through the express delivery last month in the United States IPO, financing $1 billion 400 million, becoming the largest so far this year, a listed transaction in the United states. However, due to the IPO issue price is too high, the first day of the listing closed down 15%. The IPO issue price was $19.50 per share, exceeding the issue price range of $16.50 to $18.50 per share. Shares in China closed at $14.61 on Wednesday.

1 Why is vertical favored

2016 report shows that since 2009, Ali has conducted several rounds of investment to the best logistics, total $256 million acquisition of the shares of about 22% of the best logistics. Rookie network in the year of the best logistics investment of $165 million, received about 5% of the shares.

best logistics said in September, Goldman in the latest round of financing as a consultant. China Everbright Asset Management Co, CITIC industrial investment fund management company Party voted for the best logistics of a new round of financing. compile / Xiao Yu

in 2016, the industry consensus is: a social entrepreneurship bonus period has passed, the tall WeChat has become one of the most terrible mobile Internet community to a variety of black holes, "relationship, content, flow, time and even mobile phone memory are sucked, and then make a universal social platform seems to have little prospect. So people say: "first make a point, a vertical social segments, community products, retain users with content, then quickly realized!" interestingly, when some of the vertical tool gradually go down, they also said: "let us do a vertical community. Widen your user scenarios, improve user participation, activity and stickiness."

, however, is this really the case? We know that in business, media and other fields, if the platform type electricity supplier, the media can do, so the best choice is to subdivide cut, a vertical electric business, media; earlier, in the early days of the Internet, when users type, comprehensive website window shut down, there will be a large number of vertical web sites, BBS emerged, especially when many of the local forum site is booming. So, in the mobile social social, community areas, this phenomenon will happen again,

you love football is not so? Understand Timor you see are the most professional sport information, understanding are often senior fans! You focus on the circle? Then go on and, you will see a lot of business, products, operating dogs released work experience and insider gossip Oh, you will meet are BAT3 Montana! Do you want to know the workplace the foreigner, then go to the leading English! You are a little curved? Go to the gay social networking platform……

for a time, a social or community product that is vertically subdivided into a hot word. "Vertical subdivision" seems to be a panacea.

best logistics other existing shareholders including Zhou Shaoning, Foxconn, Goldman’s private equity investment department.

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 17th news, according to foreign media reports, informed sources said that the best logistics logistics company China plan next year the United States started IPO IPO. Won the best logistics group and Foxconn investment Alibaba.

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industry vertical social social, community optimistic, half of the pressure is forced by the situation, half of the new opportunities for the outlook. So we often see the argument:

to answer this question, we have to start from scratch.

can see, "the relationship between the content and vertical field acquisition efficiency" is the biggest advantage of vertical platform, WeChat is just a communication tool it cannot be recorded in general, from the beginning of delineation of your friends circle of friends content range and tone, and in the early use of WeChat.


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