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May 16th, Yuantong Express held equity acquisition at the conference. Yu Weijiao told the economic observer, tact to facing the world, the only platform is Hongkong, and the first international accumulation of 30 years has been the internationalization of future sophisticated talent resources and cultural resources. This is a way of Hongkong, a global layout, attracting tact is its international business.

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in the first half of this year, with SF listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange bell China private express delivery giant, Tong Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, in addition to the United States IPO >

route through Hongkong

before May 9th, Yuantong Express issued "on the acquisition of the Hong Kong listed companies first international logistics holdings limited holdings announcement" hereinafter referred to as the "notice" said, tact has signed a share purchase agreement "and" the selling party, agreed to acquire the cash sale total holdings at 255820000 shares, accounting for the first international all of the issued shares of 61.8724% shares, the target is about 1 billion 41 million Hong Kong dollars equivalent to 4.0698 yuan per share price of HK $.

it is understood that the first international is listed in Hongkong international logistics freight forwarding company, the main agent of air cargo transportation, shipping and other logistics services, ranking in the global market of sea and air cargo transportation agency, the transportation scale is also located in the Hongkong area forefront.

first international chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lin said the Economic Observer reported, the first international in the global 17 countries and regions set up a branch, the first international is located in Hongkong and is an international logistics hub. The international logistics network constructed by the company can effectively connect with tact to deliver the parcel to every site of the world, which is also an important reason for cooperation between the two companies.

Progress of

"since last year, most express companies have already embraced the capital market, and the next market is international.". Who is the first international forum layout is very important, so this is the premise of our international cooperation and advance the core." Hao Wenning, vice president of tact express interview with the Economic Observer newspaper said that China’s cross-border electricity supplier market, international logistics has long been foreign express giants occupy, this problem is not necessary to avoid. Made in China has been strong, but the service of Chinese enterprises has not yet gone out. In the first pass and international cooperation funds is second, fancy or international platform, so as to improve the transportation and freight delivery tact, to strive for more overseas market.

in the A Stock Market Listing 8 months after the Yuantong express, through the acquisition of Hong Kong listed companies Tatsu International Logistics Holdings Limited hereinafter referred to as the "first international" 62% shares, Hong Kong stock market landing curve. For the acquisition, tact Express board chairman and President Yu Weijiao denied that "backdoor listing."".

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