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with these thoughts in mind, I began to pay attention to the Taobao shop, and gradually learned how to open shop on taobao, of course registration, real name authentication of these basic operations but is simple, but the back goods shelves, product page description, commodity picture processing problem beats me. With these problems, after more than a month of trial and error, I finally found Taobao shop video tutorial complete. In fact, before the text of the tutorial also read a lot, but it is not here don’t understand, there is wrong, then I found the xuyedu/ website Taobao store video tutorial, explain very clear, clear steps, I soon mastered many beginners Taobao store knowledge.

, like shlf1314 search, sh419 search and so on, use more. Now it’s been a period of profiteering.

regular products generally adopt the form of alliances to promote, as we are currently selling school products that belong to such products. Such products do not have to do their own pages, no product supply, no customer service, no logistics. Similarly, you only need to use the network promotion method to advertise, you can generate profits.

but when the good times don’t last long second semester, the students, because of various reasons to transfer, therefore, I did not teach students. After this, I have with other classmates, to the bustling pedestrian street holding "tutor" brand is expected to be a "Bole" phase, can backfire, holding a sign for five or six times, despite asking, but ultimately did not find new home work. Since then, I have never been looking for a tutor, I always feel that I rely on people rather than myself. My job as a tutor has many accidents. If only I could have my own career, that would be fine. With this in mind, I began to look around some needs of female students gradually, I found that the family conditions are good girls, all in the hairpin headdress flower, but also for every two or three days, buy constantly after the buy, not two times, and threw them away. After careful thinking, I think this is an opportunity, if we can sell this kind of flower ornaments to open a store, certainly promising.

applies some of the league’s advertising code to its own web site or blog with advertising code. Visitors come to their own stations or blogs. By clicking on an ad called "CPC" or "registered ad", CPA can receive a click Commission and a registered Commission in the federation. Of course, some union is full 100 yuan payment; some union is on pay, this alliance is less; there are also a week pay; monthly, such as GGAD. Terminals of these channels are mainly implemented through garbage stations or blogs.

6 installs plug-ins through site navigation.

2, earn CPS sales difference.

mastered the new home shop essentials, I am most worried about is the supply problem, but fortunately, God has eyes. In the sophomore semester, I made a boyfriend, a fellow boy, his family was in Zhejiang. Contact a paragraph >

The results of

7, the game to make money.

I am a graduating to the senior, now I drive a Taobao shop on their own, selling various kind of headdress flower, hairpin ornaments, the students are busy looking for work, but I enjoy the comfortable life, do not want to find a job, a the small shop, your own boss, feel good! Of course, speaking of the shop, I have a lot to say……

however, as the network environment changes, the decline in garbage flow, the unit price has dropped again and again, the alliance has lost the profits of the past. Only shlf1314’s GGAD, a lot of Internet users, is still sticking to it.

1 earns money from home and abroad advertising alliances.

cottage brand products do not need me to explain more, we go to sh419 to find out, the product profits naturally high. We don’t advocate it. OEM this noun, we also go to sh419 search, and some high imitation OEM brand price, the same profit without speculation, natural high. Such products mainly through the network bidding, buy monthly advertising, online shop or do foreign trade to achieve.

product stations or product blogs do generate revenue, and online marketing skills can make a lot of money. That’s one of the techniques we’re currently working on.

3, sell Shanzhai brand or OEM products to make a profit.

this way of making money belongs to people in another circle. They mainly make money by installing plug-ins using black.

said, just entering the University’s first year, everything is fresh, began to join a bunch of inexplicable Association, what literature club, chess club, the Ministry of labor and economy division. After a month, fresh gradually cleared, these associations did not feel what it meant, of course, only feel good, is of work study, the reason is: to join the association, I was introduced to a tutor work, although the job for only half a year, but enough to make me thankful. At that time, I didn’t want to earn some extra income because of the poor family conditions, but also enriched my life. That is a tutor work, let me feel very substantial, taught students, but also earn money.

5, make product station or product blog, sell products, make money.

many friends also know how to make money online, but in the end how to make money from which channels to make money? These questions are very puzzled. Today, roughly sum up for everyone.

networks make money, including many avenues,

network CPS, Ali mother cat many people do, some good performance, master monthly earn 10 thousand to 30 thousand of the network also exist. These products do not need to supply goods, only need to apply for code to promote, consumers see advertising and produce sales, there is income.

4, sales of formal products to obtain price difference.

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