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after the tiger announced financing, Pichugin gaming found in teeth external diameter, the "king of glory" is the main noun. Huya stressed that the 2016 signing of the "king of glory" the first KPL championship team in 2017 March and signed Xiange corps, popular KPL Corps YTG, training a batch of King glory, ball big battle in the mobile anchor, live sports game market has a first mover advantage.

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round of investment by Societe Generale Securities Xing capital lead investor, Han Fu capital, capital, capital source, Walken Ji Chang Di, capital investment, Akashi investment with investment.

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the two live platform announced financing point of time is so clever, in May 28th, Betta Carnival opening, in the opening scene, Macropodus founder Chen Shaojie said that the audience conservative estimates up to 250 thousand people.

, early in the first half of 2016, the celebrations of the times before CFO He Zhenyu stressed that the tiger strategy is to adhere to the game live as head of content, to seize the 2016 start of the Mobile Games outbreak, in order to obtain Mobile Games live burst of user bonus.


‘s actions look fruitful. According to the celebrations of the times in 2017 Q1 released earnings data show that in the first quarter, tiger live MAU monthly active users the first time more than YY LIVE, the former MAU reached 32 million 500 thousand, which was 29 million 500 thousand.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


are paying customers, also began to broadcast Huya approximation of YY LIVE, data show that the total number of users of the celebrations of the times pay 6 million 400 thousand, including YY LIVE and tiger live accounts for 5 million 800 thousand, and in 5 million 800 thousand, 6>

three home now the main game console platform, the fire looks strong, but we imagine the war really still exist,

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also already, and the panda "ogle" for a long time as music, because of the reason as everyone knows, in this round of financing exit.

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Carnival in Betta, its biggest rival two series of sound.

in the end, with the closing ceremony of the May 30th data released in 3 days of Carnival Betta activities, in the limiting case of 350 thousand people into the Wuhan riverside park.

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rumors have and go very close to the tiger Ali, did not appear in this round of investors figure, according to Pichugin gaming news, tiger is also preparing a last ditch.

May 16th, tiger live announces $75 million A round of financing, China Insurance Overseas Limited lead investor, Gao Rong capital, joint capital, Morningside ventures, Li Xueling, chairman of the board of directors of the celebrations of the times CEO Dong Rongjie live with cast teeth.

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