Grasp the business opportunities in the Olympic Games to invigorate the website operation300 tips fo

at present, the Beijing Olympic Games held as scheduled, in during the Olympics, many users will mouse and keyboard Olympic this huge "keyword", all Olympic related information industry will become the protagonist of the boom, as the grassroots webmaster, how to seize this rare opportunity? Long by some website Secretary of letters since August 8th its website management experience, and the webmaster to learn and explore this problem.

10 days, I successfully sold 28 friendship connection, average 10 yuan each, easy to get 280 yuan. What is worth mentioning is, the connection position only occupies Ali mother’s billboard size, simultaneously does not have any influence on the advertisement.

needs to be emphasized is that don’t add on sensitive issues, infringing content and so on related law does not allow the content, so your website in the period of the Olympic Games will soon be closed, this is no joke.

my small station is just a general entertainment forum, around 400IP per day. We should know that such a small forum everywhere, like chicken ribs, neither earn money, and ruthless abandon. But I did, and I got 300 yuan per month. Although this number is very small, but relatively speaking, my other day, 1000IP BBS monthly income of less than 100, has been very good.

next, I’ll talk more about the experience and experience of selling links.

thank you all. My small station: tonight, the community, the connection has been sold, and no longer new connections until the expiration date.

two is to activate the action. During the Olympic Games, because of the work reason, some grassroots webmaster all work very busy. However, I hope you spend some time each day to update your website, at the same time, the website visit pages and keywords under careful analysis using statistical functions, determine the content in which this next step is to focus on adding, according to their website, the content will focus on different. My job is to provide papers, so it’s important to add some papers about the olympics. Some software downloads, pictures and other sites, can provide some information about the Olympic Games pictures, screensavers, add a note when determining the title and keywords is particularly important, must want to be good, this is related to the search engine to your content to determine which keywords in included in the. For example, my secretary of Letters some relevant articles on the net, the Olympic Games, sports, etc. add oppau deeds during the Olympic Games, ranked first in sh419, shlf1314 and other search engines, received a significant effect, visit IP straight up.

more than just in accordance with my personal circumstances, I hope to give me the same little webmaster inspiration.

simply and frankly tell you that I did it by selling links. Adsense network forum link trading zone, the last prize essay, I participated, and at that time I did not move up. I think the station is too small. Maybe no one will take a fancy to it. Here is not for webmaster nets write soft Wen, is for myself:. My small station is: tonight, the community opened more than a year, has been active, but because of many other factors, once led to the brink of closure. Once active, let my domain name PR achieve 2, and included and related keywords ranking in the forefront.

webmaster link trading section bbs.admin5/forum-65-1.html

is to activate the mind. Thought is the precursor of action, which our leaders often say in speech. This saying is a good, for the webmaster, why is the same station, another station hits on so fast, and I really spin? This is in terms of thinking and understanding, on current events, news and the majority of Internet users need to master through. During the Olympic Games there are many Internet users, but the content of the website of every hue, opportunities everywhere, quickly calm down to think about your station in the period of the Olympic Games content how to locate, how to meet the majority of Internet users taste.

wish you grassroots webmaster success.

your website will enliven as your thoughts and actions are activated.

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