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ADMIN5 has been concerned about the webmaster information, a lot of students. Recently saw the launch of the city station graph king brother alliance activities, I actively response to "talk about east west station alliance, based in West Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, the Hainan Province, three provinces to recruit brothers to join!


lively field discussion

tells a real little story: www.admin5 this domain name does not need to be shielded? There is no AD ingredient on his site the site is recommended to me by friends of the network, and later sh419 fainted, rave reviews. But the real story is the relationship with the Xiongyou graph king, listen to me one by one:

in early May, the ADMIN5 forum held a chess contest and posted a bulletin post at the forum. I saw it for the first time, and got my first reply in the first page. Remember: I just support this event, spiritual support. After that, I was busy with my work without paying attention. Later, the ADMIN5 forum administrator, MM, sent me information asking to re check the entries and asked me to choose my opponent. This time I really fainted, Leng Leng for a long time. Why? It is because I don’t know much about chess, only know the car to go straight, walk like a horse to go on, Tian, cannon geshandaniu and so on routine, the other were not understand, let alone one step N. Have to confess to the administrator MM leniency, surrender to MM, explain the reasons for support. MM asked me to surrender to my opponent, and had to do so.

organizers T2C Taiji ad alliance this time to "quality Tai Chi" as the theme, and join the well-known super station in Beijing to explore the years and the future development stage. The symbol of T2C will be 07 years in the fall, with harvest and vision of the future, with our partners, Xiang Shengli on the other side of the road. At the beginning of the party, the organizers reviewed the Tai Chi products, and introduced the new products and marketing plan of Taiji association. The whole event, highlighted the "exchange" and "relaxed" two major purposes, the party more prominent randomness and direction, by the majority of the station’s welcome. The activity scene was discussed in waves.

wonderful speech,

our advantages: in addition to ADMIN5 master attention, we work harder to develop themselves, use their own resources integration, comprehensive promotion for the brothers to join, publicity. To www.admin5, bbs.admin5, in the East West alliance webmaster speak about the main platform, group: 6454446  participate in the exchange, a positive response to join partners, we will open recommendation on a League Forum, in our own Union Branch Station published in the electronic journal inside promotion to join brothers, pulling traffic, enhance visibility.


T2C is a leading Chinese Internet advertising media integration platform operator, founded in 1999. Provide advertising effectiveness according to the actual billing, set the network media and content matching, network marketing model as one of the advertising services.

, the webmaster put in listening,

, we promise: for the alliance sub plans, and actively irrigation, happy to join the brothers, we provide you with effective marketing promotion model.

at the same time, T2C’s aggregated ad service also provides new directions for small and medium websites. Professional and perfect services are provided by the third party platform, and efficient advertising business sharing is implemented, which helps to re affirm and apply the media value of standard small and medium-sized websites and personal websites.

of the Beijing station activities successfully constructed Beijing station with T2C an information exchange platform, let the network allies in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, mutual understanding, honest communication, for fueling and promoting the development of advertising alliance.


thanks brother, thank you all!

November 3, 2007 sponsored by the T2C Tai Chi Advertising Association, the theme is "autumn October – Tai Chi" Beijing webmaster gathering activities, in the warm afternoon, strong coffee atmosphere, the curtain fell. The event attracted many well-known sites in Beijing active participation of the webmaster. In the autumn harvest season, under the drive of light music, while tasting the taste bud, while talking about the dream of the Internet advertising alliance.

enthusiastic webmaster

I really don’t know about chess. It’s probably one of the few masters who doesn’t know how to play chess!

in T2C services, we through the polymerization of more than 20 million websites to achieve product cross platform marketing. In the process of implementing T2C delivery system has the advantage of technology through the integration of different orientation, including regional orientation, content oriented and user behavior orientation, to achieve a relatively efficient target user arrival rate, which makes it possible for advertisers to implement the online dissemination of accurate.

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