Witkey and blog of the six differencesHow to make use of blog Wangzhuan do earn a thousand dollars

domestic sales link to make money, has been relatively perfect. Even a lot of companies, such as A5, buy PR sites in bulk and sell them. A lot of individuals and sites, also use the way to buy links, earn some extra income. Do not look down on the blog PR money earned income, although a connection a month, but can only sell 10 yuan, about 20 yuan. But it’s amazing, too. Of course, we can also cultivate 10, 20 such sites, and then connected for sale, generally can achieve monthly income of about 1 thousand yuan.

      Witkey website is actually C2C trading site, and its profit model is no different from other C2C sites, and may even be more feasible. The reason is that everyone in Witkey website transactions are service products and cost free services, so the service of the site is more important, fees naturally easier. Sites such as Witkey, Pakistan, K68, and so on, will receive 20% of the mission money as operating costs.

of course, this is not everyone’s satisfaction. First of all, you need a certain amount of access to your blog, and your article will be recognized by many people. In this way, you can earn some income by writing and publishing these blogs. General release of the current article, the price of 10 yuan to 1000 yuan price range, all, if you have a certain strength, this income is also good.

with the crackdown continues, Wangzhuan center will gradually shift to a blog to make money this way. Because the cost of blogging is relatively low, or even zero cost. The operation is relatively simple and easy. In foreign countries, the current blog has become a trend to make money, many marketing experts are through the blog to make money. Blogging marketing makes money even a trend. Today, sesame here describes some of the more common blog mode of making money mode of operation.

      third, participate in blog is everyone contribution, blog contribution text, visitors contribution flow, beneficiaries only site; and participate in Witkey, everyone can benefit. Witkey is in the exchange or sale of each other’s services, each Witkey gains from the service of others, visitors can find the services they need, the site can benefit from providing trading platform for witkey.

      first, the blog site does not have a clear profit model; Witkey website’s profit model is very clear. Blog about the problem of how to profit, we have seen numerous discussions, but still remain in the traffic problem, but if any website traffic is large enough, can be profitable, what can be discussed?

      blog and Witkey are the products of the growing popularity of the Internet and the participation of all the people. If Witkey develops as it is now, it is believed that Witkey websites will certainly exceed blogs in the future. The reason for this is that Blog websites and Witkey websites have the following differences and advantages:

The key is the

second: providing software writing services

      second; not everyone can do blog; Witkey is everybody can do it. Blogging is a bit of a technical challenge, and it’s basically not technically difficult to do it. Since then, more reflects the universal participation of the Internet, so that all can participate in the ranks of Witkey services. The blog must have certain knowledge of literature, but also will promote their own requirements to write blog; Witkey only need to know what you can do, and are willing to do things with words published to the Internet, waiting for others to come to you for help or service.

third: make sales ad revenue

if your blog has a fixed population and traffic, it’s relatively easy to make money for so long. You can look for the related profession to advertise. For example, your blog is the type of cosmetics, then you can put on the relevant cosmetics advertising, through sales to obtain income commissions. At present, the better advertising alliance, such as shlf1314, advertising alliance, Taobao customers, etc., are more suitable for blog alliance.

blog has a professional and sufficient vertical characteristics, we can easily make good use of blog, a monthly income of over 1000! Temporary first written so much, then write tomorrow. Www.58task, remember my station, the website that makes money on the internet.

      fourth; blog takes a lot of effort and time; Witkey basically doesn’t need to spend time maintaining and updating the information that is being released. Everyone posted on Witkey website information, is that he can provide to others the knowledge, experience, service and so on, this information is generally not expired, as long as have life can be provided to those who need it, just to see what time will have to appear.

      fifth; now more and more Witkey websites already include blogs

first: blog PR value is very important, through sales links to earn income,

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