mitation of nternet business is the first step to successThe network need to beware of scam money

now has a lot of money making projects on the Internet, and it has gradually posted news posts on major gateways, and even major network TV stations. From time to time and the slogan is, people in the U.S. a certain success of wealth and cheats, a well-known domestic portal cooperation etc.. When a network of money making projects, wearing a brand-name coat, a lot of people began to stir up trouble. In fact >

Let’s look at the

China’s social giants Tencent, whether it is business or development, are growing up in imitation. From the beginning, imitate OICQ, , and later in other fields, such as games, portals and other platforms imitation, micro innovation in imitation, and then beyond. Tencent is known as "the bane of Chinese entrepreneurs", and its success lies in the imitation of the basis of the strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and combined with other advantages of their own, beyond the opponent.


I want to learn friends make money online, often by the project as if it were raining flowers propaganda confusion, be fooled by a lot of meaningless promises, muddleheaded money, reported the name. After registration, only to find that they have been cheated. In fact, as long as the use of a little bit of brains, the trick is still very simple to identify crooks. Today let a short sesame to accompany you to analyze the net under the guise of making money liar tricks.

, in other ways, there are plenty of examples of successful imitation. Such as the 360 search, sh419 shadow at the start of the body, such as the electricity supplier website of Jingdong, a U.S. electricity supplier Amazon shadow, who after millet, many of the so-called "hunger marketing" and "Internet marketing thinking" have emerged, there are many others from the media, portal website, website of information etc.. Even in our website construction industry, we often see the shadow of imitation, without him, only because other people are too good.

deception one: package teach package will not refund

now the Internet is very lively, network money training everywhere, investigate its reason, or because there is demand, there is market. Many people want to learn the network to make money, want to learn network money mainly has two kinds: one is to make money through the Internet, the first to do their own occupation; the other is no hope on the Internet by spending a few minutes, earn a little part-time income.

blindly follow the trend is not a good thing, but the appropriate imitation will bring us more convenient. Mr Lu Xun made it a "take it" doctrine". Learning and learning from other people’s outstanding achievements, combined with their own actual situation to develop, in order to achieve success. If the Tencent just mechanically OICQ operating mode, regardless of the status quo Chinese of the Internet, it can succeed? If the millet is also like apple products of high quality and high price positioning to line outlets to sell, it can succeed? Look at those entrepreneurs copied the Tencent and millet mode, can someone the success of the show? "

scam two: famous brand effect

advocate in this era of personalized, independent special products can always attract people’s attention, so as to obtain marketing opportunities. Many Internet entrepreneurs have discovered this, tried to design a special independent product, as everyone knows, the perfect business plan because there is such a perfect product to be stranded. The spirit of innovation is great, but in many cases, imitation is the first step towards success.

this is one of the most common means of making money on the Internet. It means that if you pay first, the package will be guaranteed, and no refund will be made. The more exaggerated will not be ten times refund. In fact, Baojiao is easy to explain, they can ask you to organize lectures, can also be placed on the tutorial on the Internet, ask you to download the study, indeed, including easy to solve, a teacher can be a fool. But the package will be a big deal.

is precisely because of this kind of strong demand for making money on the Internet, it has created a proliferation of online money training. Fish is very mixed, uneven. There are some online money training is true, but there are semi formal, but also fraud. As a result a lot of people want to learn to make money online, not only did not make money, but also cheated a lot of money, so a lot of people on the network to make money projects have lost confidence, very sad.

first, the package itself is not what examination, the package will package you is said to be Bill Gates, or do you pay 1 thousand yuan of tuition fees, you earn 100 yuan, does not have a definite threshold, which is one; second, the registration is a genius? If it is a genius also need to apply membership? Then followed the problem, you don’t download tutorial ah, you do not listen to the teacher carefully ah, you do not have time to listen ah, you learn to deliberately not practice…

in recent years the rapid rise in the domestic field of intelligent mobile phone millet, known as the "Chinese apple", the metaphor is not only the rise of history and achievements of millet are similar to apple, more importantly, in the body of millet, we can see the shadow of apple. When millet Mobile launched, break the rules of positioning, high configuration, low prices, and when Apple launched the phone, but also took a distinctive design features, such as focusing on software and operations. In marketing, the two have adopted the "hunger marketing" approach, millet phone hot grab with Apple store outside the line to buy Apple mobile phone users exactly the same.



is now looking back, those who imitate some successful website, Tencent has become one of the domestic Internet BAT, millet is still the domestic intelligent mobile phone development and marketing myth, Jingdong have become the three largest domestic electricity supplier ranks, other grassroots entrepreneurs imitate millet mode, can easily create a day into a million sales.

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