How do earn the first pot of gold in the online shopFrom Fanfou’s Tragedy in front of the entrepre

is one of the most convincing example: SkyDrive 115, ylmf launched the first in the country, the cloud storage service, the use of first mover advantage, SkyDrive’s 115 registered users topped 400>

Fanfou founded a campus network in University, and later to 2 million yuan price was the acquisition of 1000 rubber group, then founded the sea network and Fanfou, and now the group purchase industry in the U.S. group net overlord. As early as in pushing the launch of the micro-blog website, Fanfou has the temperament of twitter in the early stage, once by users, the site launched shortly after will have more than one million registered users, it looks like a very good situation.

fourth step: to increase the reputation of the store or credit

online shop can sell, on behalf of the consignor, because before heard friends at home purchase large inventory, will lead to financial pressure and inventory may not sell the goods, so the best choice to sell on the Internet just opened the way to sell a home from a piece.

because the C2C store most customers to your products through the search, so you release the product, is a commodity, you have to get him into multiple packages to repeat the release because of repeated release is not allowed so you have to make is not the same product, this kind to increase your the exposure rate of products.

, here’s a list of the steps I’ve taken to start business on the Internet. I hope I can help some of my friends who want to do business online.

However, the founder of

second step: choose the way of purchase

everyone talks about entrepreneurial passion, yes

has not been able to lead a long time: keeping pace is the key

can now shop online for free C2C, to excellent goods net "network business websites", or apply to a heavy, I was a full-time, I opened a number, such as Taobao, eBay, pat have opened shop for this person because I love the pursuit of perfection, so in the superior goods online to find a shop decoration decoration to the stores, shops, so it looks more comfortable, to customers also have a sense of trust.

fifth step: in the C2C shop to release more products


during Fanfou closed, Sina micro-blog realized that micro-blog is a big piece of cake, so after careful planning and the launch of sina micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog are also in a very short period of time quickly hot up, the current number of users has exceeded 400 million. The fact that sina micro-blog’s success, and whether Wang meituan made to outstanding achievements, but in any case, Fanfou for Wang is a regrettable mistake.

I’ve been thinking about doing business for a long time. For a person without high academic qualifications and professional skills, business is probably the best choice.

opened the store knows that the shop just started credibility is very low, customers do not trust, do not sell products, so there are a lot of brush reputation, I was opened in 2003, when I was not, by selling cards, the credibility of it. So I suggest to the new shop best friend began selling some virtual check point to improve the credibility of such as Mobile Recharge Card, game cards, coins, and try not to improve the credibility of cheating.

so I chose to do business, want to do business, followed by the cost of doing business!

inspected, in reality, literally open a shop, less tens of thousands, more than hundreds of thousands of, for a migrant worker is really astronomical figures, so I thought of doing business online, open shop.

sixth step: more in the official forum of C2C post top stick

does not seem to put much thought at any meal online, after a period of operation, the record of the pressure, Fanfou off without informing users, and one is 509 days, during this period no meal does not give users any explanation, and just within the Fanfou closed during that time, group purchase websites in China began to rise, this time not by rice founder Wang Xing founded meituan.

third step: apply for shop decoration shop

first step: sourcing

life without, if the cause is the same,

Founder A lot of

I was the first to a collection of all kinds of goods website Web site, and the goods they want to do, varieties of products, in which I found selling women’s clothing in the hot, then is the mobile phone, jewelry, cosmetics, home and. I finally chose to sell women’s clothing".

for Wang Fanfou, we can have a myriad of assumptions, if Fanfou to correct attitude towards yourself, don’t give up, insist to do the domestic market for micro-blog, Sina and micro-blog so much space? And whether Wang Xing team and Sina company in the capacity of how much the poor, if we can seize the first mover advantage, then later will be difficult to go beyond, the same is true for later Sina micro-blog.

according to the official introduction, "rice no" network is the first to imitate Twitter website, in China to take the lead in introducing the concept of sharing new things around, is the prototype of micro-blog class website. However, we know that the domestic micro-blog industry has been dominated by Sina one person, many Sina’s micro-blog control may have not heard the name of rice, and even it is the identity of the domestic micro-blog ancestors have never known. Recently, the meal will be dismissed Shenzhen team disbanded, which means that the rice will also say goodbye to you. For this section, the first in the domestic launch of micro-blog concept of the site, why come to this end? The following author and everyone from the "no rice" tragedy, analysis of our grassroots entrepreneurship.

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