From the website construction skills of others

said, referring to the techniques of others, a lot of people from various angles to write, I just from their own perspective. I usually love to see some of the more successful website, especially some successful enterprises or industry station station etc.. I will go to see the

simplicity from several angles

actually, I do not recommend doing this, why? The reason is very simple, ranking stage in the website this operation, it is prone to a problem, is the site in the optimization process, conflict expected with the optimization process, we need an eye optimization, site modification or adjustment. As a result, it is easy to cause the waste of time. Too much time delay at the site of the adjustment process, and the search engine will be re assessment and evaluation of the site. Easy to practice in the future, to the site to bring some more or less damage, but does not exclude you in doing this kind of adjustment, good site than before, but a waste of time, or will prolong the period of website optimization. Therefore, the best line on the site before they do this kind of thing, so as not to cause prolonged cycle optimization.

this time the new domain is for the record, a busy in the website of the other aspects of some things, such as the purchase of space, things like template. For the optimization of us, may not care too much for program development and things like that, but we still need to understand these basic HTML+CSS. For me is not what the program is to master, set the label of the things with off the shelf CMS. Here, or to remind friends, choose the best available CMS, choose their own familiar, at the program, if you are good at weaving CMS advice after the site, with CMS CMS at the imperial dream; with CMS Empire, which is the point of the website program gives suggestions.

say, there are many programmers in writing in the process of HTML, all the HTML love centrallyuninstall together in view, click on the source code, we can see that HTML is dense, there exists no newline etc.. Although the cause of this situation will not affect the site, but the changes in the future.


In fact, Why did


here is not to have too many words, on top of the website program, I said do not understand how to develop programs, but this does not prevent the optimization of the site template and the personnel code adjustment. If you encounter difficult programming problems, compared to many companies will have their own application developers. In fact, we in the website construction, website for others should be carefully observed several articles. See how to make others website optimization and correction in those aspects, we can reduce the time not to. These days because I have been doing the same thing, many people may ask the steps to make adjustments in the website optimization process, slowly modify.

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