How the Shanghai dragon website optimization with customers

interim orders

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With the continuous improvement of the

orders, some customers will often urged, at this time the patient with user interpretation, must not be connected to single or disappeared after the conversation is impatient, you know, you have to be patient and careful is can let the customer feel, if he thinks you are particularly serious and responsible, timely optimization during a little problem, but also can be easily solved, and more importantly, long-term cooperation customers will bring you Everfount wealth, more customers trust in you, will introduce my friends to you, which will increase the wealth of website optimization.

as the search engine changes, and increasing competitive keywords, website optimization will inevitably meet the time, not to the search engine home page keywords or keywords do go up and down, in this case, more patience to communicate with users, the emergence of this situation is not a single company or personal problems, but.

orders on the site to talk with customers, should be based on an old attitude, now the site optimization of some of the sales staff, too often dare to promise, no matter how popular keywords, dare to say 20 days to love Shanghai home, to ensure a stable, I don’t know what are they to ensure the stability of key words, especially words the fierce competition in the home on the ten position, Shanghai love their products accounted for a few, may not have ten, plus the search engine update and optimization of competitors, remained relatively stable is a luxury.

search engine and more and more people enter the website optimization, website optimization between the fierce competition is increasingly intensified, some website optimization in order to get the optimization of the list, to quote price, under such a situation, often influenced by many factors in the rush and mood of the heat of the keywords error is expected, so that the search engine page keywords cannot be reached within a predetermined time, in this case, often resulting in the loss of customers and the passive, therefore, a good grasp of key words and offer the keywords of the optimization control within one can grasp the scope, is particularly important for website optimization.


, three orders of late

website optimization in order to see before, the degree of competition, the keywords in the search engine in the general search engine, see how many words in the competition website keyword, type, ranking good site included, the number of the chain and the YAHOO chain number, if it is the type of portal, the type of information classification love, love and the Shanghai library Shanghai encyclopedia, government websites occupy the home, then according to their own circumstances, to see if there is no grasp of key words so that the search engine page, the client within a specified period of time if not, give it up, for the chain, to optimize the site chain number should not exceed 10000, otherwise it will be the time delay caused by keyword optimization.

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