Hefei mother seven kinds of the most common words accumulation behavior

2, Keywords tag accumulation: although now it is believed that many keywords tags in the search engine position is reduced, but I think that since he was one of the pages should contain elements, we should not leave a blank, I think there is no strong evidence that search engine attention to it the degree of 0? Keywords tags to the common keyword written as: hangover, hangover drugs, drug therapy, alcohol hangover products, food, alcohol method. And so on。

One big difference between

1, Title tag accumulation: now everyone knows the importance of the title tag, the search engine is currently the weights of the highest tags. So, we can easily find some search keywords accumulation behavior of the keywords in the label. For example, a weight loss website, if in a title tag _ wrote: weight loss weight loss method _ slimming slimming products _ _ slimming effect, which is suspected of the accumulation of keywords. We can do for the re arrangement of slimming products such as: title, * * weight-loss drug is the most effective weight-loss products.

and Shanghai dragon rookie veteran is how to layout keywords. Shanghai dragon Er always want to make a better target keywords ranking in the search engine, and deliberately optimizing page. As everyone knows, the rational distribution of keywords will indeed be brought to the site better ranking and user experience, however, the accumulation of keywords behavior will inevitably be punished. Search engine tutorial specified they do not love the accumulation of keywords ". So, why there will be so many people to do the search engines do not love things? I think the biggest reason is affected by the keyword density. You know we will do optimizing page first to optimize the user experience, then the search engine optimization. I have said in the layout optimization keywords don’t be swayed by the 2%~8% keyword density. Today Hefei is Shanghai dragon mother accumulation behavior of eight kinds of the most common words of hope, after all, be able to think of their optimization, correct mistakes.

3, description tag accumulation: like the Keywords tag, or some people say it is not important, but in my opinion as to keywords, we cannot be empty. Qualified description writing should be a smooth, but not so common: hangover, hangover drugs, drug therapy, alcohol hangover products, food, wine, or so tell you: hangover hangover, hangover drugs, drug therapy, alcohol hangover products, food, alcohol method. All these have accumulated too.

4, ALT tag accumulation: because now search engine is not very good to read the image content, so do a picture of the webmaster are optimizing the attention of ALT tag attributes, monofilament we also have seen a lot of people in the ALT as the keywor>

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