General keywords ranking optimization price is determined by what factors

third, we also see keywords ranking optimization keywords optimization goal is to the optimization of key words to rank >

The degree of competition in

, the first judge to do a keyword ranking optimization website belongs to what industry website, because of the different industry, the competition of the site is not the same, generally speaking, the more popular the industry competition is also bigger, more high-tech enterprise website unpopular, competition is small. For example, the electronic commerce website to store sales of larger competition, and machinery industries such as the degree of competition is relatively small. However, the judge can only judge about the degree of competition sites, but not as accurate evaluation method.

second, the keyword accurate judgment. We can optimize the search keywords in the search engine, view the search results in the "home page or inside pages, if most of the search results are the front page of the site, so difficult to optimize this keyword must be quite large, because the weight of the net station home is the highest, much home the key to intense competition. If the search results most belong to other pages within the website, so we basically can make a judgment, the keyword optimization difficulty is not great, because the weight of the site inside pages are generally not too high, search pages more that the keyword optimization is not difficult. Also, we should also observe the number of search results, in general, the search results in less than 500 thousand words, the degree of competition is not too big, but the number of results between 5 million and 500 thousand, the competition of medium difficulty, and the results of more than 5 million of the degree of competition is big. Some site construction company is the evaluation and optimization of keyword search results according to the price, of course there is truth. But I think that the value of the search results by the number of judgment difficulty size would be biased, we should comprehensive judgment difficulty the size of a number of key words, such as a keyword search results below 500 thousand, but if the majority is other website, so difficult to optimize this keyword is not easy. In addition, a keyword optimization competition in different search engines often are not the same, such as the Google included quantity relatively love Shanghai more, so a keyword may on Google included the number more, and fell in love with the sea included less, so in the two keywords on the search engine the degree of competition is not the same.

has a lot of customers we have consulted about keyword ranking optimization problem, here, Xiaobian to all users to explain our keyword ranking optimization is how to get out of the price. Our price is not just for keyword optimization, but according to the degree of competition in the industry is different, different, the difficulty of keywords of the costs, and will achieve what kind of keywords ranking requirements and other factors, are usually based on many factors comprehensive analysis of price. Below the author to explain in detail this aspect of the problem, also hope that customers can understand.

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