Analysis and thinking should be set up in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng Er present situation


this weekend I immediately and to talk about Shanghai dragon Er this occupation, in fact has been caught in the optimization of the Internet in the lower, I said that the vast majority of Shanghai dragon Er, because this industry entry is low, many people think that the technical content is relatively low, a new simple send content and do the chain can do website optimization, actually this is only one-sided, salary over a million Shanghai dragon Er There are plenty of people who indeed too small, however, this is also the reason many people criticized the Shanghai dragon.

optimization is very simple and very boring, the day is the repeated work, that is meaningless, my understanding is this: if you stay in this stage, the author thinks that you haven’t really understand the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization in there, so why? Because everything else is than the real master do optimization thinking and strategy, and not many ordinary Shanghai dragon like Er all day for a few articles, wrote several articles and shout and wrangle.

everyone is different for Shanghai dragon understanding, of course your salary will vary. My understanding is that, no matter what we do things, we play their best to do it, make sure you have a clear conscience, the industry is relatively boring to do ordinary things extraordinary every day, to optimize the quality of sit, more carefully, less by hand. When operating a optimization details if you can boldly conscience tell myself I do a great job.

Many people think that

how to set up a website optimization thinking

The above situation is

we know that many webmaster by Shanghai dragon family account, you can know the current factory floor brother may be better than the vast number of Shanghai dragon Er high salary, so, the current Shanghai Longfeng optimization is only a transitional stage of our living. There are two ways to choose to do, at the end of the industry elite, to touch roll, directly change the industry, many people think that Shanghai dragon is the network of migrant workers, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website is all blind chain do content, the role of people inevitably we called porter.

I have always thought that your ability to determine your salary, why do people earn tens of thousands of Shanghai dragon, we only two thousand or three thousand yuan in the food and clothing line below, actually the salary be? This time you should understand is your position, you should know the value of you in there, many the money you value? It created a number of net profit per month for your company? Your salary and the value you create is directly linked to the.

common problems many of the current Shanghai Longfeng optimization, we also seem to sit in the office on tall, but his heart knows its own bitterness, in fact, this time exactly how we view our current situation, the author thinks that any industry has elite, also have a belly, this is inevitable optimization of industry, may seem more intense competition.

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