Discussion how to avoid the future optimization of Shanghai dragon

2009 love Shanghai search engine update frequently go hand in hand with human intervention, the query processing technology (keyword segmentation technology) update, strengthen and enhance the user experience, product page weight: Wikipedia, the arts, and know Post Bar etc..

1. stations for punishment, reduce the weight of spam links.


2011 love Shanghai update strength rose sharply, and the self adjustment algorithm.

update and punishment

2009-2010 update and punishment:

7. Links drop right over the site and porn site in the chain.

6. forum signature chain is love Shanghai shield.

5. update cycle to Thursday.

8. black chain trading site drop right processing.

3. on the website of the JS site.

1. for poor user experience to take down the right measures.


manual intervention to strengthen.



2. on the site of the pop-up ads.

love Shanghai big update webmaster hurt? Review review in previous years, a few years ago, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 love Shanghai algorithm update, the webmaster to pregnant with sorrow, joy is also a slight upgrade website is not punished, sad is miserable K. Why was K? Recall in recent years, Shanghai love grow, usually to cut the Gordian knot of approach to the webmaster, because black hat techniques were K, because the content acquisition technique is K, because the station group approach was K, because of poor user experience by K, some because of their bad luck is implicated shield. This kind of reason will be love Shanghai for the war, the webmaster us it is sad, every time K see many webmaster forums to work, to abuse, but It doesn’t help the situation. For the love of Shanghai Chinese search engine

leading, innovation is inevitable, state-owned state rules, people under the eaves, we have to think about what qualifications abuse it?

4. reduces the collected content sites to reduce weight.

Drop right

China love Shanghai is our webmaster Zaishengfumu, rely on love Shanghai to survive, it is Baidu punishment after the first thing should be how to restore and recover their (interest), some owners said that the audit itself is a mistake, adhere to update, adhere to the construction of the chain, user experience, etc. methods to recover their revision interest (website), follow the love Shanghai pace is our small owners must recognize the fact, then I review the past love Shanghai disease, understand the history of what love Shanghai virus, also owners must recognize whether or not infected with the virus, as the saying goes: there is no medical disease and disease prevention, to restore its former glory on their own, bring the best page to the user.

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