Do make the most money in a limited Pdentify the most important ideas of Amoy want to make money


Ali * * * advertising is not so accurate, new advertising, keyword fill out, there are always some ads and content on your site related to the hit rate reached 2% PV. A click on the average 0.1 yuan, IP200>

three, select promotional merchandise, skills

station are made with the existing Taobao OPEN API, similar style, plus API is a direct call to the Taobao data, the content of the website is also very similar, even many websites in imitation of the official Taobao style, the pursuit of large, complex, full. Think about your entire and Taobao, why do people buy from your site? Go directly to Taobao to buy, not more assured.

I specialize in

with Ali mother transferred to Taobao OPEN API guest API, more and more people join the ranks of the guest promotion. Amoy website also like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as much up, but look at the 80% station in 1000 stations are nothing special. Explain the mentality of the website owner. You know, so many similar websites are not only bad for searching, but also hard to impress buyers, let alone effective shopping guide and conversion rate. As a Taobao guest, I would like to share some of my views with you.

on the basis of specialized, do fine, can let others believe you, and thus affect other people’s consumer behavior. A long-term Amoy owners should not be merely a website builder, it is a specialized in a product of experts and consumer advisor, through their own professional knowledge to guide and influence consumer buying behavior, which effectively influence consumer behavior of such station to the field of consumer also, in order to web surfers’ desire to buy into actual purchase behavior, the website in order to generate revenue.

station mentioned another article in an article, and a link. Although many website article pages are shown in the "related article" function, but the effect is far less than the articles mentioned in the text. For example, a SEO article, mention how a month to build 10 thousand IP, along with the link, and this link is still in the station, the click rate is quite high.

advertising optimization This paper is mainly to the

is also on the 1000IP station, generally do 10 thousand PV than 2000PV more than double the money. There are many methods for increasing PV in fact, the key is to let users love on your website, said my several methods:

unless you really have the strength to do the station, otherwise don’t make very large version of portal, a large version of the content, looks very rich, but the user does not know what is good. Well, if there is no need for content, directly to your ×.

ideas of their own, slimming products list is according to the methods of making guest tuiguangzhan, hope that we progress together.

guest website is by the promotion of commodity and in accordance with the actual transaction price and the seller promised Taobao percentage commission, Amoy system in the promotion of goods generally have such characteristics: high percentage corresponding to high price; the low percentage corresponds to a low price. Now many Amoy owners tend to be tempted by the high commission and the choice of the high percentage of high price of the commodity promotion. But for you are a consumer, you will rush to buy high prices on the Internet, but do not know exactly how the product quality or effect? So I think that "low percentage – low price" of the commodity is more conducive to the promotion, the so-called puerile.

website monthly income below 1000 of the webmaster see the master, who do not laugh. My personal experience does not necessarily help you much, welcome to post your exchange, share with you.

The A lot of

is the first, and the choice of advertising alliance. That I know several union situation.

A little more than just The

1. PV

home page content should focus on. To hold you target the attention of customers, provide the information they need. I do not say this, each station is different, analyze their own access statistics in "Keywords" on the line.

I think the correct thinking should be done in a specific category, such as familiarity, turnover, or high profits. In this way, you can do more professional, and the effect is better.

two, doing fine to attract people,

shlf1314 click advertising can automatically match the billing, but fortunately, receiving trouble, and I do entertainment is the main station, the price is low, give up. Believe that many webmaster friends doing this, also has more experience than me, skip.

page with access to large quantities of small amount of page access. For example, before I have a few key words in sh419’s ranking is also good, but the user search by keyword, directly into my content page, but often see the page left. Then I use the recommended method to improve the PV. For example, if I stand the words "breast enhancement method" in sh419 fifth, and it was the inside pages called A pages, "weight loss" in sh419 before ten pages can not find. So I recommend in the top of the A page "diet" article, because it may also be of interest to the user, so click rate is also high, pay attention to those recommended articles to open links in a new window "details, must pay attention to these details oh.

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