Google talk about five common mistakes in Shanghai Longfeng enlightenment


Google webmaster advice: "careful to set up enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng goal, to ensure that these goals with your company’s overall strategy and other departments of the same goal." The main goal of this goal must be consistent and firm, rather than from the actual, imaginary to aimless Shanghai dragon. For example Google webmaster mentioned example is a car company has two departments, one is the advertising department, to guide the user to a landing page for the project through television advertising, and Shanghai Longfeng departments to do their job really trying to do a search word flow to the home page, this will cause both sides the waste of resources, bring into target is just passable.

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. See the article on the Google webmaster blog about five common mistakes in the Shanghai dragon Chinaz homepage, personal feeling is very good, is very comprehensive, as well as Shanghai Longfeng workers, and enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng marketing when the problems encountered in this article in the night before the Shanghai dragon blog can see, this does not belong to the new article, should be considered an old article, but still have the guiding significance to Shanghai dragon, the following simple talk about their own understanding of this article.

2, Shanghai dragon inconsistent

this problem within a company is very obvious, if your company is Shanghai dragon outsourcing, so inconsistent goal is more normal. A simple truth, the company of Shanghai dragon outsourcing is.

this is the first Shanghai Longfeng mistakes, lack of value orientation that our value orientation for Shanghai dragon has a lot of friends is wrong from the beginning, the most common is to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, wrong understanding of the essence of Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon to business sales and marketing services, and your site title, description, and content can really show to the user you can provide value, and your values are recognized by users and search engines, then you will be recommended, would be to go to the front row.

1, the lack of value orientation of Shanghai dragon

is a very good word is: do not think a website can not know what is the use of search (or stronger than your opponents where the situation in the first row). This sentence is also fully reflecting the importance of Shanghai Longfeng value orientation, from the user point of view, to be useful to the user, it must be as much as possible to show they want to get, or be able to arouse their interest; from the perspective of competitors, stronger than them, your website content will be advantage to show, through their own creativity to tell the user you and competitors to your advantage in where, for example, your customer service service is free, you will be a proxy for only one area. The creativity of these products and services to attract more users to click on, such as low-cost, free, free shipping are showing good advantage.

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