Love the sea K station please listen to all the voices

fire!Taobao !

your smile (a pseudonym): This is a war of no smoke, do the Internet, there must be a war

Snow Fairy (a pseudonym): love Shanghai after all is a commercial organization, and it is a group of stationmaster of vulnerable groups feeble, the owners do not lack a man some of the blood, but not lose the success of some of the reason.

for the love sea K station, around the station "encirclement and suppression" bidding.

station: love

Rainforest (a pseudonym): first of all, love Shanghai a K so many stations will certainly be a lot of people are not satisfied with the. A person is not satisfied at will in the house to drink two cans of beer to vent, but once it all becomes dissatisfied with the organization of a group will become a powerful and destructive energy. Love Shanghai and did not give a reasonable user complaint channels, in this case, they thought to solve the problem through the network of violence, hope that through the point >


all the users how to look at the sea K

a million years (a pseudonym): as a small station I would not comment for this incident, perhaps I can not understand those new websites dealing with the site of the old station so long K station have so much feeling. But I saw your anger

passenger (a pseudonym): love the sea to make money, just want to let you go to the open bidding. So, very vigorously against this small website of our small website, has been greatly affected, but Shanghai, love you know? Many webmaster is in this family! So you can tolerate these people stand all K, and those yellow sites are safe


believe that we love Shanghai K station are very familiar with, from June 28th to now, the love of Shanghai started a large-scale K station, many sites affected, especially affected by the relatively large, such as Taobao station, medical station etc.. After this, the country owners began "encirclement and suppression" in the open bidding auction, all medical websites began a massive click, the purpose is to advise these companies off the auction, thus, there is a lot of chats share in each group, then how to fall in love with the sea, K station, around the station the "encirclement and suppression" bidding, it is right or wrong? Please listen to you in love with the sea K station webmaster heart.

looking for love (a pseudonym): I have a good friend of the station was K, she did not do what sites like cheating, but is new, she did well, a month will be the weight of 2, but when the 6.28, the station was K…. conclusion we only get the optimal transition. I think… Over optimization are also wrong? You think you love Shanghai, the auction will have a degree?? some popular words, such as the hospital, one click is there may be tens or hundreds of thousands, a month is dozens of W click costs… The money come from? Is the hospital to earn money and then give you confidence,

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