Keywords enterprise station through reasonable optimization to enhance the density to achieve the be

of course there are many other factors in the achievement of the keyword ranking, but if the words do not appear a keyword in the title, the content does not appear keywords, this situation if we do rankings, I believe in this content keyword more conducive to ranking than did not appear. So the author thinks that the keyword density is still can affect the ranking, but the effects is far better then. But we do stand is best to grasp every detail, the author observed that a keyword density, found in the enterprise stand this keyword density is too low is the hardest hit, so today I tell you how to avoid enterprise station keyword density low adverse factors, we hope to help.

first of all you should know, is a typical small and medium-sized enterprise station website, I see some enterprise stand made of particularly simple, a big slide, the following products, then a business news, the entire home estimate is less than 50 Chinese characters. And these words the middle again did not do a good keyword layout, which is the leading cause of enterprise keyword density too low. So if you want to break the first rule is to start from the site of the framework, to expand the site, for example, add a few products, of course, it depends on the situation, are generally two rows of eight products. In fact, we call the products here can do this, that is the description of the product also call out, in the product description appears reasonable keywords to optimize the website, this is also possible.

you know the importance of keyword density has been about a web site keywords ranking, but the search engine development today, can be said to have been very mature. The search engine will be to look at a website keyword density to this website ranking, so a lot of people say that the keyword density in the search engine is not in the rankings. You don’t look at it, in fact, the author thinks that the keyword density ranking did decline, but still can not be said for nothing. For example, we often see a search in the search engine keywords, this obviously did not appear in the headline, but why so good rankings, answer: the reason is because people in the home appear the words. So although the keyword density is not the dominant factor, but as a detail optimization point is very conducive to the keywords ranking, we can not be ignored.

there is a more important place, can increase the website keyword density is the most important thing is to call a brief introduction of the enterprise, we can make the website profile call on the website home page, and then the distribution of key words we want to optimize the reasonable in the introduction. This increase keyword density is the best, and is the most stable. For example, you add a keyword in the product, so when you add a new product, will take you to the original product in the key words out. Key words in this way will make the unstable, so enterprise introduction only place is the best place to appear keywords.


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