Analysis of website optimization of quality articles creative ideas and forms

we know, website optimization in the station of the quality process is one of the important factors to enhance the website weight, as a webmaster we must grasp the quality of their own station, the author thinks that the high quality of the article is from the user’s point of view to analyze and consider, then, the article mainly has the specific quality characteristics? Below the author and do a detailed analysis of what.

Finally, the author sum up,

I found many webmaster to keyword optimization, to have irrelevant keywords placed in the website, by title and content irrelevant, because the user may enter the title of the party and read our article, but see the contents and their hope was large when leaving here is inevitable. I remind you webmaster, any site quality web content must own to explore closely around the topic, it is also referred to as the title. And the title of the article in the time of writing is very exquisite, mainly around the theme of the user experience and website itself for the creation, the writing method of this chain is worth the attention of writing details.

most of the time when we were writing often Evans exhausted really do not know what to write things, every webmaster have such pain, because the writing itself is a creative activity, maybe one day there is no state, can not write their own good things, but in this case I suggest we can not create, not opportunistic in order to update and update the pseudo original articles, the search engine optimization user experience is the common concern of users and search engines, especially for some false original article, resulting in high similarity search engine anti cheating mechanism, causing the site to drop right.

third, the content of the website as far as possible in a variety of forms. Now the development of the Internet, the use of a variety of elements that we can greatly increase the material, we use enterprise website as an example, the media and interactive WeChat micro-blog from a single rigid before the article to the development of a variety of images, flash animation, and now video stream, these dynamic elements are what we can form rich site content very good, many elements of the present can not only enrich the user eyeball, secondly, can help users better understand and know about our products or services, reflects the professional degree of our brand and company, this approach is indeed worth the webmaster can learn.

first, the gist of the article must and the article title and theme of the site.

, as a qualified webmaster we must be responsible for our writing conception and the purpose of writing in the writing process, the article is a bridge, communication website and the user that the basic work that we must do a solid, if you want to see some users and does not match the text and then, it will.

second, the article must pay attention to the quality of the original content to share as much as possible.

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