A variety of cheating techniques chain exposure we don’t cheat


all Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are repeat doing two things, the first thing is to update the site, update the article, because the site needs spiders often, but the spider come and not let it disappointed, so we need the original article to honor it, because only the spider comfortable, it will included in our article, we write a good article to get a good ranking, so we every day in the update site, writing an article. On the other hand we have at the same time every day in the hair of the chain, basically all the time in the global forum friends, hoping to get more or less one or two outside the chain, sometimes even to send some titles with links to posts. Why is this? Who would like to be scold everyday hair advertising post what, because the link is the rank of the fundamental, no link, no ranking! There is another one, that is to say the Links, Links chain is of very high quality, and some high weight site exchange links is very conducive to our web site keywords ranking, so we are going to exchange Links, we are going to exchange good Links, because the link is very useful for many, the whole weight of the website and improve the keywords ranking promotion. But you often change Links, a Links each other all is to contain the "friendship", I think not, because in Links environment, there are still a number of people cheat chain, of course we can understand their approach, because they are trying to get to the website weight go up, but no money to buy links, so use this cheat chain form to obtain, obviously, this approach is undesirable, speaking is not from the moral integrity. So today give you several exposure cheat chain technique, we refer to, see if you have no change to such a chain, perhaps cheated you don’t even know you


3, third Links deception is Links at the end part on the website. "

2, second Links deception, is at the bottom of the site Links to the form of the scroll bar. The scroll bar, I do not find a separate station, last year when the rain events, I believe we have seen.

1, the first Links cheat, is to switch the page at the bottom of the site classification form several links. This exchange links, is to let the default search engine grab the first page, and the second and third links page is not called ID spider crawling with JS. Here, there are a lot of technology with my friends may differ, can only say that different people have different views. I think that link spiders can crawl, can the weight transfer meaningful. Some time ago, light decoration change to more than 600 Links, do all of the decoration of word home page, and there are more than 20 thousand estimated flow. Now, there’s a new Android website, again using this method. I’ll give you the bottom shear pictures, don’t leave the site, so as to avoid each other’s right down.

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