The urgent need to create authentic website optimization

Internet has too many true and false, the true portrayal of the Internet search market as the Shanghai dragon ER as the founder of search search market and maintenance of food intake, to create authentic website is the most basic moral principles.

website readable content, we all know that Shanghai is the basic content of love repeated cleaning of your site and the self and the outside. Since the love of Shanghai in June we all know algorithm updates included many websites can be said has been ups and downs, the fundamental reason is the first website internal page repeat, this performance in a lot of the theme of the page is changed, but the text search engine index page after filtration results showed high similarity. The hope that with the search engine a URL link page to create a unique feature page counter. There are duplicate index database content is the content of the website and search engine is too high. I think these are many sites included the direct cause of purged.

, the first cleaning site readable contentCleaning the

page to do its own characteristics, as far as possible and external repetitive content less to make search engine recognition site, has been that the fish expert, this unique page based exclusive and authoritative search results is the premise, list page page ranking on the need to avoid creating believable! Web content can give to you the site points.

second, website website structureHigh repeat cleaning

love Shanghai or Google, Google continues to change whether panda and penguin or love Shanghai June algorithm, a reflection of the fact in the search market environment need further cleaning, especially domestic cleaning love Shanghai fierce, because Google is mainly take the international route most sites of domestic spread to almost no to. Of course, the basic cleaning content also includes the following three parts: the site readable content cleaning, website site structure and high repeatability, cleaning the site of the chain link cleaning. Let’s take a look at Shanghai as a dragon ER in these three aspects the matters needing attention.

High repeat cleaning

as a company’s website, net >

website website structure is mainly in the software market market now caused by each Chinese cabbage, Shanghai dragon ER all know now a website as long as you go to the Internet when an open source program, to change their own basic is a allows users to browse the website, this website may be officially no cost structure the result of the search market website, it is no exaggeration to say that basically 30% is a very high degree of repetition structure of the website website, especially many website production company of Chinese cabbage price structure, basically out of the site by the search engine index is out of the search engine just as like as two peas, a program label the text structure and HTML recognition site just after filtering only, I think this situation is particularly evident in many medical websites, I think this is the love of Shanghai 6 April cleaning algorithm website categories.


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