The URL specification about electricity supplier website construction and setting skills

www.xxxx贵族宝贝/ pinyin or English brand name / column name /

on the electricity supplier website URL today mainly discussThe classification of

www.xxxx贵族宝贝/ brand name English pinyin or /

2, URL how to avoid repeating the electricity supplier name page, blank page

we know that the electricity supplier website is generally divided into the following two categories: platform providers and verticals, platform level electricity providers often provide a platform for many vendors, such as Taobao and other such sites; the vertical class such as VANCL, wheat bags of this kind of website. So this kind of website because sales form is not the same, the page structure and the plate will be different, so the corresponding web and URL will vary. Many electricity providers tend to have some brands, as well as some settings like screen panel to provide our customers to search for products selection, which is how to ensure the optimization URL, you need to have a certain skill.

website will often carry URL planning in accordance with the following rules:


said the e-commerce website URL today, often e-commerce sites are generally rich in relatively large amount of information, according to the types of products shelves shelves and so on, these sorts of products, when users browse, according to the price type color size attribute search category browsing, always corresponds to a URL. Optimization of this kind of website, is certainly a very heavy workload of the project, and so the incentive in today’s competitive era, to ensure their quality of the site is located in the forefront of the customer, we should pay attention to some website optimization all the minor details. .

how to solve the problem of repeated screening panel page? When we set the URL, to set certain rules, in accordance with the rules of URL generation, so it does not appear to repeat screening panel questions, we can according to the attribute selection optimization of A> B> C> D, so you can better solve this kind of problem.

brand column


1, the electricity supplier


blank pages are often not consistent with the attributes of things on the website, so there will be a blank

b+ a+ c+ attribute attribute attribute attribute: www贵族宝贝/b001a001c001d001/

brand home

a+ b+ c+ attribute attribute attribute attribute: www贵族宝贝/a001b001c001d001/

for screening panel, set the time, we should pay attention to avoid duplicate pages, a blank page, the page is easy to cause the site came right or is not good or bad, ranking problem. There electricity supplier website page to repeat, it is often because some combinations of attributes such as the following:

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