The special problems of B2B e commerce website optimization

B2B e-commerce website optimization has become the basic content of the B2B website network marketing strategy, a global optimization is not in good condition of B2B e-commerce platform, not only the user’s demand information to potential users to provide adequate purchasing decision information, these information to potential users through the website is very anxious within the catalogue, the station search and search engine to the public, which means the site optimization in poor B2B e-commerce platform / industry information website users can bring commercial value is very small. So it is not difficult to understand why the B2B e-commerce website optimization firstly became the most urgent needs of industry.

(1) comprehensive website columns and product classification set unreasonable. B2B site structure looks simple, but the supply of information, product information, product, enterprise library etc. the main columns, and each column of different products in different industries and categories of classification, the corresponding information will be released to the corresponding classification. But in fact, the B2B website classification method is very important for the overall optimization of the site, because of unreasonable classification directory will cause difficult for users to obtain information, web search engines ignore two columns and two columns of information, and the website PR value lower problem. According to the new competitiveness of B2B Website Optimization Research of B2B section of the web site and directory setting problem.

(2) released a lot of information to be included in search engines. With the increase of the amount of supply and demand information, a large number of new information released in the rolling update, but also a lot of new information to wait for search engines has been rolling under the multi-level directory, and because the site hierarchy design unreasonable, even if all the pages are transformed into a static page, may still cause information indexed by search engines.

(3) dynamic network >

according to the new competitive network marketing management consultant ( provides website optimization Website optimization scheme and implementation process of guiding experience at home and abroad a number of large and medium-sized B2B website, in addition to website structure and navigation website is not clear, the page layout is not reasonable, the basic problem of web page title and META tags design professional so, the B2B electronic commerce website optimization and some special problems, here are some typical problems of B2B e-commerce website optimization: setting website and product classification; newly released information cannot be included in the search engine control; dynamic web pages; Web Page Title Design and web content correlation etc..

relative to other types of sites, B2B e-commerce website has some particularity, and has obvious characteristics of B2B industry, such as product supply company directory information classification, classification, user self released products supply and demand information and enterprise information, it is precisely because of these special cause of B2B website optimization has certain particularity and other web site.

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