The main theme is the website optimization website weight

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Shanghai dragon as a part of SEM’s work, can be said to be a very important aspect, and it is a long-term strategy, so from the early to the late planning positioning, unremittingly implementation, each link must be put in place for the specific part of the future we will feature articles to this topic is mainly to explain the concept of relevant website weight to explain the actual operation experience, website weight is the fundamental site of Shanghai dragon, no weight on Shanghai Longfeng, so we should enhance the weight of a web site to a short period of time? That is to enhance the importance of the web site in the search engine.? do the following day, and unremittingly to do, after a month, you will feel the joy of harvest of

smart update rule to do! What is clever to update? Take a wedding rental I recently did a web site project, I make technical personnel responsible for the update to collect some of the industry’s big wedding information station, collect, preferably with a RSS subscription function best why do you need to subscribe to RSS function, the following will say?. After a good collection, take and subscribe to RSS function without RSS subscription sites are divided into two groups, with two days to update the rules at these stations, a day update several times, usually a few updates, these should be recorded, and then to focus, focus on RSS, from the network station download a RSS reading reader. Then the subscription column, every day in the update site to update the next RSS release before, will look at RSS has been updated, but not on the website update, ha ha, you pick up treasure


here, some readers should already do so, what are you waiting for? As for those without the RSS station, we can only stare to seize his update, he updated, not included in the search engine before we get to the first time we stand up, also is good! "" we’ve got the original content, but we are small ah, update the search engine does not include that it is equal to zero! Those stations update out, we do not equal to or is plagiarism? You >


this is the focus of what I want to say, what principle, because usually the largest information station, after release and foreground updates there is a time difference, because the front page needs to generate updates, but as long as the background update RSS will be updated, so we use the time difference, through RSS this artifact, timely release large information station didn’t update the content to us on the one hand, we are not the original article is

from the first set foot in Shanghai Longfeng until now, for six years, although it had not only do Shanghai dragon’s work, but these years some of the accumulation and experience in Shanghai Longfeng field believe now being engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work friends will help, please carefully read this article, and positive thinking and you will have the new harvest in Shanghai dragon

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