Why Shanghai dragon makes some people more and more lost

, owner of the website is too simple to. The boss thinks that one wrong enough to fix a website, and that can bring good results. The author believes that the first job is to join in the website optimization website. The company set up not long ago, the company make a website of your own website, first do website planning. At first, the company only three people, because two of them get the Taobao shop, basically get their own website. The content of the website is to imitate a franchise brand website, people company for more than ten years, deep rooted, the difficulty is how big, but our boss doesn’t think so. The boss whimsical let us do it within two or three months. We have to own work arrangements, improve website content fresh, original content. It was only a month’s time, the website only upload some pictures, not popular keywords ranking is ideal. If there is no joining, I think the boss will not give us a raise. No matter how hard we work, not recognized by the people, the boss that you are lazy in front of the computer.

to speak out the truth, and you talk:

website optimization has been 7, 8 months, I am very satisfied with the current work, is also very interested in. Is the beginning from the beginning of the owners of the house, watching others to do so for a long time, his experience is also a day to go up, I do not say that my level of how good, basic site optimization method is too difficult for me, not to talk about, at least I have done half a year. But recently, I do not know how, suddenly could not find direction, lose myself.


three, did not truly understand the website optimization. The hospital industry on the website optimization investment is still relatively large, friends just over there to work, they say to their heads every medium >

two, the boss does not take Shanghai Longfeng, many people can see most of the boss bullied those who have just graduated from college students is. I just read out to interview a network marketing company, saw the company profiles will know that their company is doing well, large scale. At the time of the interview is more personal and collective interview, I interview the same position of only one person. When the boss asks us to work experience, our answer is just graduated from school for a year, he is on sale, I do is network marketing, somehow I also have some work experience. Think they have more experience than the competition I was happy. However, the boss said to me, I instantly petrified, the boss said the website optimization promotion only this one, not to mention what you experience, this experience is not essential, as long as willing to learn, they can come to work tomorrow. I was very happy, so the website optimization planted in the hands of the owner, is an insult to the "web site optimization". Then ask here to work colleagues, their work is in other industry site copy some articles to another site, when open the website, antivirus software will automatically pop-up dialog box out illegal information.

I am in Wuhan

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