Webmaster must know how fast diagnosis website a

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B, the website column distribution is convenient for users to

The overall optimization of


How to effect

h, page H1, H2 label use is correct, if there is no object in the keyword


e, the inside pages from the home page click distance can last about three Click to all pages

whatever you do is what type of website, website if one day what is the problem, then you need to solve the problem, whether it is for Shanghai dragon service providers, or individual owners, how to understand and master the rapid diagnosis website is a must, especially in Shanghai Longfeng service provider and customer contact, more to do fast and effective inspection of the target site, and find out the existing problems of the website, to solve customer’s troubles, it is your duty! The following A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and Optimization on their own team to give customers site diagnosis to introduce:

3, website traffic analysis

domain name of the site’s weight ranking played a decisive role in the general domain more old, the higher the weight, if your domain name has several years of history, in the same circumstances the new domain is not old domain name website ranking good. How can the domain name weight, through PR, snapshot date, included page number, included the main directory website, social media appear various aspects all can see, if it is HAO123, the YAHOO directory and the high quality of the directory Web site, search engine will give appropriate weight lifting, socialization the media also can explain how the weight for PR, website, snapshot date several indicators that the webmaster every day, in the A5 of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis optimization team no longer wordy.

D, the web site link structure spider crawling to the

each row in front of search engine website that has its own advantages, originality, there has to be more than other people in the network do good place, otherwise, his website is also difficult to have good rankings, this is what we do these diagnostic personnel need to do the following A5, Shanghai dragon group diagnosis and optimization (Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/) will come and we talk about how to do a website optimization is reasonable, which should be mainly from the aspects of

Website Optimization Website? And the overall strength of the situation.

a, a web page title tag does not contain the keywords


g, the website is using FLASHI, JS method is not conducive to the spider crawling


2, website

F, the web site has substantial content of value

is static? ? ? ?

1, the domain name weight of each data


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