Web site early online optimization strategies for the love of Shanghai

first, new sites included time shortened, assessment time prolonged. According to the rules of love in Shanghai, the author suggests to do basic inside and outside the station optimization, first, make the user experience optimization, including the site of the open speed test, 301 jump, 404 error page, reasonable construction site columns and URL depth. The station and the construction of the internal connection between the. Secondly, the station three Title tag. The title of outstanding website main keywords and appropriate to extend the title keyword as far as possible by the former arrangement good keywords in the final write website slogan, outstanding website theme and attractive for users, pay attention to the title of not more than 30 Chinese Chinese characters. Keywords tag optional and note don’t stack on the line, to achieve a reasonable and natural. The best description tag covers the website title and keywords, to form a concise words and themes consistent do complement each other, can be appropriate to leave the company contact, the description is best not more than 80 Chinese Chinese characters.

2012 Spring Festival has been quietly left, as a webmaster, then we will turn into the website maintenance and optimization process, an optimization for operators I think that no holidays, because we are relaxed at the same time, the search engine spiders are still on our web site to inspect and audit, competitors are also look at fiercely as a tiger does. The author during the Spring Festival is still stick to their posts, today the author to bring up the topic of new on-line optimization strategies for the love of Shanghai.

second, analysis of the construction of key points and strategies in the station of the. After the first step, we must make careful analysis and construction of the station the impact site weight of the key factors, the author suggests that the early content of our priority is to construct high quality content. Here I recommend, first of all, a detailed analysis for the website theme and title. Including the site to provide users with those valuable things. Secondly, construct the content of the article. For example, many papers to improve the PV site, mainly for the purpose of guide users to click on the advertising alliance, this is the time when we can with a long tail word for argument on the same topic, you can create different pages of paper, let users reference more articles, thus inducing the more open connection, increase our site advertising the number of clicks. For enterprise website, mainly to the conversion rate as the fundamental purpose, the author suggest that the wording of the use in the creation process, try to use some specific figures or in detail according to the characteristics of each product and for specific purposes, different point to distinguish each product, and highlight what is distinguished from other causes and reasons the products and products on the market, our products are superior to other similar products? Guide the user through telephone consultation so as to attract the desire to buy. Every day in the process of constructing the articles for either the number or the best time to update a fixed quantity and time of creation. Because the first consideration is the optimization of our users, next to the search engine spiders grasp and judgment is we must do homework.

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