Ten ways to make the chain resources with extreme ease of you


4, soft


online now there have been quite a lot of Links exchange platform, we can put our website to submit these links platform, can bring the chain resources to us, we can find two good Links, killing two birds with one stone, Why not?.

about the benefits of soft and soft writing skills, we have made an in-depth analysis in the previous article. Outside the chain of successful soft can bring is limitless, so the use of soft to decorate the chain is an effective method and must be mastered.

character signature forum to decorate the chain, one of which is the common way of Shanghai Longfeng workers, to the higher weight of the most relevant industry forum to set character signature, can take the anchor text with the anchor text, it cannot leave a web site can also increase the love of Shanghai region. To find a new forum, not in several forums fixed, ranking the diversity of the anchor text for web site keywords is very favorable.

resourcesThe so-called " character signature ForumThe network favorites

chain is one of the indispensable factors of weight and keywords ranking to improve a website, look for the chain resources quality is quite many novice webmaster upset things, the way we talk about some of the chain resources:

some commonly used Internet favorites: RSS online reading website, love Shanghai collection, YAHOO collection, bookmarks, QQ bookmarks nobility baby and a series of network favorites are worth the webmaster friends to submit your site



2, a high weight of the blog

1, using competitor

‘to fight the inexhaustible" many novice webmaster because of the lack of experience in the Shanghai dragon, looking for can be arranged outside of the chain platform is quite vague. I think of a good way of competitors from the angle of analysis query tool chain resources of competitors and follow the links to more than the opponent must first conquer the territory.

link exchange platform

to export link by keeping high weight of the blog is a commonly used technique webmaster, a good blog can bring the chain resources is considerable, so a high weight blog select problem, the author has summed up the ten high weight of the blog chain resources in the previous article. Or that sentence with the blog the chain must follow the idea that day, "one day" concept.


horizon, love Shanghai, soso, ask and quiz platform are filled with layout of the chain of Shanghai Longfeng workers figure. Because these quiz platform stepped up its supervision, arrangement of the chain becomes quite easy, so in the use of Q & a platform to do when the chain or to follow to raise the main idea.

Q & a platform

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