The basic terminology of love Shanghai Wangmeng summary

interest: by analyzing the behavior of Internet users in the network, the users interests are classified, simply select the characteristics of the audience’s interest, it can be used for targeted delivery.

click price means users click the promotion materials once the client pays the cost of Shanghai love. WebUnion click billing charges, click price = × the number of clicks is the promotion materials. Click on the price is not equal to the customer’s bid; click on the price will be affected by the quality of the. (tip: the original Yao Ruibin, love Shanghai certified marketing consultant, a push SEM channel editor, speed transit network columnist, under the tutelage of "ground network marketing expert Jiang Likun, want to talk more about love Shanghai for promotion friends, please visit Yao Ruibin (phonetic) card or mother love Shanghai Yao Ruibin. Please keep the reprinted copyright information.

reference price setting is given according to the current customer promotion group, including the launch area, audience description, media display environment, offer reference for the actual bid, the customer may be higher or lower than the reference price.

the creative word title limit of 28 characters, 40 characters description.

hits and material production, creative quality is closely related to. The click rate is good, indicating that users of the product and business customers want to further understand.


currently, web promotion system provides the following audience description method:

four, click on the price of

display number refers to the number of your show promotion materials in Shanghai alliance website, browse through the promotion materials reflect the number of your.

hits = hits / show.


described the audience

refers to the number of clicks customers see your promotional materials at your site and click. The number of clicks to reflect how many people have visited your site. If your customers see promotion materials and click to your web site, is recorded as a click. The number of clicks reflect how many people click on your material.

: through direct description of audience behavior on the network, the targeted delivery, description method includes: focus on the specified keywords, visited web pages, click on a specific search promotion.



, a number of display

three, click rate of

two, click

five, the reference price of

audience refers to the promotion of products (activities) of the target population, relying on the love of Shanghai (the largest search engine Chinese) and Shanghai (the largest love Alliance Network Alliance) 60 partners, covering Chinese 80%+ users, comprehensive insight into the behavior of the network described by the characteristics of the audience, in order to ensure the to show customized web promotion information.

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