The four error on the website optimization rookie to make

I am on the website optimization process novice easy to make few mistakes is summarized, and some parts that are not reasonable, please forgive, and give everyone to discuss. Please indicate the 贵族宝贝

external links plays a vital role in the website optimization, so the site in the design after the next must rely on the chain to improve keyword rankings, but the chain must be gradual, not blindly increase, not because today yourself unhappy do not link, not because today happy with the hair of the chain, this is all wrong, and the chain must choose high quality links, such as Links, soft links etc..

fourth, the number of unstable external links

often changes to the site title

site keywords accumulation

Shanghai dragon First,

website keyword must be conducive to optimizing the word, because the novice in the optimization of lack of experience, popular keywords in a short period of time can not do. In addition, must not be in order to increase keyword density and keyword accumulation, the website optimization the most taboo mistakes, so when the novice website optimization should be reasonable in "keyword, general keyword density is maintained at two percent to eight percent.

More than

Website Title website optimization plays a very important role, if the site title positioning is not reasonable, so the website keyword rankings have certain obstacles. For the grass-roots webmaster general title the first twenty-seven characters using keyword, name could stay on the name of the product or company, and set the title website, do not often change, so the search engine will think your site is not stable, may lead to be plucked away.

for all optimization grassroots webmaster, the high quality of the original article is the most headache thing in order to save time, save some trouble, many of the newcomers are copying others article, the title does not change, but the search engine love high quality of the original article, if often copying others article, search engine will be used in the course of time think your site is a garbage station, the risk was K off, so the novice should find some original articles, such as a friend’s blog, space etc..

three, the collection site or copy the


for the novice, eager to get your own website has a good ranking, which will ignore some common errors, but the site optimization is a need to grasp the details of the work, ah, sometimes a small mistake will lead to the site keyword ranking always go up, then I will give you said several common mistakes.

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