Shanghai dragon is simple skills complex thinking

!The complexity of

so here, have to mention Shanghai Dragon Technology and skills, in fact, the so-called Shanghai Dragon technology, most of it is to write articles, send the chain, adjust the structure of the website. So it is, Shanghai Longfeng simple skills, complex thinking!! most in Shanghai dragon just execute blindly, do not have their own unique ideas, this is the cause of Shanghai Longfeng low threshold!

thinking, why Shanghai Longfeng complex thinking? Give a very simple example, a website selling sunglasses, when screening keywords, choose the words "glasses", although this keyword is of high quality, but the actual conversion efficiency is very low, because there is no analysis the target population, not just selling products positioning, said glasses, what is the use? And "glasses" the keywords competition degree is large, heavy workload, the effect is not obvious, if one hundred people by the word "glasses" come to your website, they have 30 people to buy glasses, 20 people buy contact lenses, 10 people buy goggles, 10 people buy presbyopic glasses, 10 people buy 20 people buy Sunglasses, glasses frame, and your site only sell sunglasses, so the conversion rate is only 10%, other 90% Is invalid flow, this is a pity? If your leadership assessment is the assessment in accordance with the proportion of visits and the amount of transformation, the transformation of Shanghai Longfeng personnel keywords set to "Sunglasses" rate is ten times more than you, then go must be your so simple is Shanghai dragon after all is said and done, skills, complex thinking, do not think that Shanghai dragon skills simple comment Shanghai Longfeng low threshold, the salary difference, in fact the excellent Shanghai dragon in network marketing and sales accounted for the proportion of specific procedures "

third, changes of the search engine algorithm leads to some Shanghai Longfeng staff even unable to start, with profound respect and humility, no face.


second, so far there is not a complete curriculum system of Shanghai dragon. Many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are not through the system of education and training, and even a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are created her occupation accomplishment and occupation cognition uneven in quality or even Shanghai dragon Er, no project experience and experience, just read some related knowledge in Shanghai Longfeng forum, blog, did not understand Shanghai the idea is to practitioners of dragon.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng low threshold, low demand, but is really the case? Since most people think Shanghai, low threshold, low requirement, but why there are so many leaders in Shanghai Longfeng industry was treated as a god of

Shanghai Longfeng low threshold in the end where? The next bull here simple nagging. First of all, one of the reasons for the low threshold of the occupation of Shanghai dragon is because Shanghai dragon in language development, programming and art did not ask too much, just a simple understanding of the basic language code on the line, if you need to adjust and change the structure of the site need to find technical OK /p>! "

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