Shanghai Longfeng orders three industry product integration skills

, how to integrate the product or industry

two, how to solve the difficult problem of product or industry

2, the line selection: there is no practice, no right to speak, we should choose the industry in reality to walk, understand the nature of the industry, leading enterprises in the industry to understand the status, we should seize the good choice of the enterprise is our core, to start with, are you going to get a big head. Or find a medium enterprise, this is we start to consider the issue, this is according to the specific nature of Shanghai dragon and the current status is >


2, to achieve the ultimate industry: industry cannot do without the enterprise, in the process of practice gradually, we should maintain the core enterprise, the enterprise’s products to achieve the best effect, conscientious, do for enterprises in the service industry. As long as you maintain a certain industry, then the industry orders from the network orders for you do not have to worry.

4, industry product expansion: from the related point of view, we understand the product, so the product related knowledge we should know, if in industry products we have so saturated, business expansion related products not only to our respective industry beneficial, we can accelerate the speed of optimization related products.

1, our firm foothold: no matter what you are to do the Shanghai dragon, we must have a point, then from the traditional industry, we only to a product or industry gradually to more conducive to our understanding of Shanghai dragon, grab a product, in practice, through the practice of the first train we have a deep understanding of Shanghai dragon, second also helped us to understand the product or industry.

1, data were collected as Shanghai Longfeng data collection should be one of our key things, then the industry data collection are a variety of ways, including the area from the yellow pages, yellow pages to choose their own industry, if you have a certain channel, then the industry sources is very objective, such as the newly registered enterprises list.

as the Shanghai dragon or the construction site or all cannot do without industry as well as the product, whether it is to do the portal, information, or industry brand products, and we are closely related, so the Shanghai dragon friends if you want to be successful in orders, especially on the nature of the enterprise orders, you will need to product or industry integration, the breeze team share as follows:

industry control products: as we all know, no matter what the industry wants to do Shanghai Longfeng, then the corresponding restrictions, so we need to process in the industry orders in control of our orders and the number of natural ranking position, to control the number of simple and effective, effective, effective quality, so we the profit is absolutely objective.

you may have worried, we all want to do, but is a starting point of the problem, then the Foshan breeze here give you a few suggestions:

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