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through which the station optimization to improve the user experience of

and RSS subscription website. In fact, a lot of people are to bring this to ignore, RSS subscription itself is a close and one of the user from the tool. So, the general web site should add RSS subscriptions, so that users can not access the website also can know what today updated content, what is their love, nature subscribe via RSS website.

is the second navigation optimization. In fact, the site navigation is a compass, let users know their every moment in what is the position of website, and on a return to the site and the general classification is what. In general, for navigation, should use hyperlinks, after all, on a return to the menu, don’t bother to use the browser’s back button. And the best use of anchor text navigation links, you should understand what the reason.


again is to optimize the comments, message voting function. For a dynamic website, the three will have a three, after all, except the BBS is directly interact with the user, to narrow the gap between the function of the distance from the user. So, no matter what type of website, the three must be at least leave a, and to improve the user experience, the author will not bothersome. Many webmaster share similar experience.

said the user experience more is actually the one is through the web site users get what the website can bring what users, users in the process of information need to be convenient in? This is the user experience, and often internal site optimization is the most affect the user experience, as you said it villa how good in front of others, but all I heard it, if we really want to see the house inside nature convincing to know true and false. So, today I talk about how to improve the user experience of the station and station optimization scheme:

through which the station optimization enhance the user experience of

The first is the

interface optimization, like making friends see eye margin, first impression. Natural user first visit a web site, so the site interface will play a big role. After all, the user is also a visual animal. For the good stuff will linger. And natural clear and matched with the content of the website interface, you can let the site in the user’s mind straight high marks.

is the final layout. For the website, not advertising is certainly not possible, after all, the server will cost, web site operators to cost, nature will pass through the normal operation of the advertising income support website. But generally speaking, advertising layout should be added without affecting the user experience, after all, if the loss of users, put more advertising is not income, but as little as possible to put too much influence of the user experience large window, of course, this is just the author’s suggestions. Therefore, advertising a layout reasonable, effectively improve the user experience of the basic method.

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