My Tao Aimin Shanghai Leshan Shanghai dragon dragon

finally, the chain and Links is cleverly introduced their own website in the local forum and some web portals, attract visitors! Of course, the site just built soon, not even PR, have not been included, no one is willing to make friends of the chain and you, you just like me, a lot of good writing article. Believe that before long, the search engine will climb to your site. The original address of Tao Aimin personal blog 贵族宝贝taoaimin贵族宝贝/post/271.html

cannot do without the promotion of the website search engine, where the site is no exception. So deal with the relationship between the local website and search engine for the promotion of local portal website plays a very important role in the

is the first site overall layout, content structure must take good, should the global appearance, or even users through some promotional came to your site, not the ideal feeling still causes them to leave the site, no matter how well the user experience to row in the very important position

!The second is the !As for the specific ! .

come to talk about the local website content, website place is a great attraction to the local users, a good local website must ensure that the content has a strong attraction to the local people, local people and life are inseparable, can be very good to catch users! If I want to do is to let Leshan Shanghai dragon, Leshan people in my site, feel the atmosphere of the house, the habit of coming to my site to see what new things

keyword density of the page, my personal blog website Tao Aimin is the local Shanghai dragon website, starting from a region, such as Leshan Shanghai dragon, so the best "Leshan Shanghai dragon" the key words on the front page of the density in 1% – 6%.

Most !

site layout, and the positioning of the site closely, there is no way to make detailed discussion. However, the site layout must be clear, from convenient user experience. At present, there are many network links to the site templates to make the right choice, but it is impossible for the template optimization of everyone’s website. So in the process of site operators also need to explore and modify, self optimization

took my blog Tao Aimin personal blog, I believe the idea is to put my name and place of Shanghai dragon Association, such as the Leshan Shanghai dragon, Chengdu Shanghai dragon and so on! The first to do of course is the optimization of the home page, the structure of the title is: "the website name + site introduced." I like the site’s home page title is: "Tao Aimin personal blog – an electronic commerce learners" such name look more full, also told his own website search engine type

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